I Ain't Your Caffeine Monster 2

A late night in the office takes a strange turn for Joey when he gets into a very unexpected conversation.

Production Notes:  Filmed in June, 2019, I Ain’t Your Caffeine Monster started its life as a script that I’d been working on for sometime.  The scripted version is a much longer and more developed affair than what you see above, but I thought that doing a short test film for the concept would be a good step before I decided if I wanted to go any further.  I like the results, but I’m not fully happy with the truncated script–the ending is not very satisfactory and the story loses something as a result. Still, I’m glad we made it, even if I’m not sure if I’ll ever do the longer version.

Since we were making the movie anyway, we decided to use it at as our entry into the My RØDE Reel contest, whereby one can potentially win a bunch of audio equipment from RØDE microphones.  We didn’t win, but we did get small cell phone microphone and a T-shirt for our participation.

Entrance into the contest also meant we had to make a short behind-the-scenes movie, which you can watch below: