Five Minutes That Changed My Life is a re-edit of the 24 Minutes bonus episode, 4.4 Minutes.  I like the bonus episode quite a bit, and because it’s shorter, there are occasions where I’ve wanted to show the film without having to expose people to the entire series.  So somewhere along the way I had the idea of creating an alternate edit of the film that would stand on its own, without being dependent on the bigger series to make sense.

The idea is not for this film to replace 4.4 Minutes, but rather that it just serves as a free standing alternative. However, even having said this, this version of the movie has ultimately been the more frequently presented one, and is ultimately the one I think I like better, even if it means cutting off the gag with “Mylten” from the original series at the end.

Over on the 4.4 Minutes page, you can see some supplemental material which of course is also relevant for this film.

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