Experience this moving and intimate portrait of a sportsman absolutely committed to his game.

Production NotesNo Shame in the Grandma was mostly shot in 2010 in Perth, Australia, during an afternoon out for my friend Nathan’s birthday.  The group of us had a great time and just began acting out and goofing around in character.  Later, when I reviewed the footage, I thought there was so much funny stuff I had to use it for something.  Most of the funniest material featured Jason, so I built the “story”, such as it is, around him.

In the end, only the audio and the flashback footage were actually created specifically for this film.  Even the “professional footage” came from another birthday celebration (this time, mine).  The music was made by Tim Willson (aka “Fancypants Brown) who quickly whipped it up at home in Japan.

This film is my first “mockumentary” effort, but I don’t like the term because I don’t think the film is really mocking anything.  In fact, when my brother first saw it, he was a bit mystified because although he enjoyed it, he couldn’t understand that you would purposely go out of your way to make something like this that was so good-natured. Only after he realized most of the footage was pre-existing did it make sense to him.

By the way, Ice Arcing is a real game that my friends and I have invented, with real rules, although as far as I know it has only been played three times.  I highly recommend it – I think it’s extremely fulfilling.

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