Will Kim find her way to a better world, or will the choice be taken away from her?



Production Notes:  Dimension is a combination of film and live theatre that was first performed (and recorded and then edited and turned into the film you have here) at our mission’s staff retreat in 2008, during a “fun night”.  The idea had just come to me that morning, so it was a quick production process.  That resulted in a few hitches – places where we didn’t have our lines down perfectly, and the fact that the countdown clock doesn’t appear from the beginning of the movie, which had been the original intention.  The other unfortunate aspect of the presentation is the fact that somebody well-meaningly but distractingly turned the house lights on and off at awkward times, which robbed the effect somewhat in real life, and hampered edited for the video.   Dimension was actually performed again – three times in one night – as part of a fundraiser in 2010.  Sadly, it wasn’t recorded on that occasion, when arguably the performance would have been better.

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