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24 Minutes – Episode Nine

Production Notes:  This is the first episode where you can follow one character for the entire minute (in this case, Ronnie).  It’s clear if you pay attention that the mysterious lurking figure played by Stephen Miller hasn’t actually activated the fire alarm.

Episode Ten

Production Notes: Footage from a real fire drill was mixed into this (and many subsequent episodes) for atmosphere.

Episode Eleven

Production Notes:  I love the conversation between JR and Yvette because it makes it clear that both characters are just completely bonkers.  This minute features the first live-action appearance by Dr. Chufwawa, which is done in obscure close ups because it was shot toward the end, and the actor, Elias, had cut short his hair unexpectedly!

Episode Twelve

Production Notes:  Bobby is back!  Lots more footage from a real fire drill is used.  The effect works pretty well, I think.  This is halfway through the story.  My daughter can be seen behind the guy talking about the eclairs. 

Episode Thirteen

Production Notes:  Hallie’s unnecessary cartwheel is a bit of a highlight here.  The ending of this episode is one of the most revealing up to this point. 

Episode Fourteen

Production Notes:   We finally see Dr. Chufwawa’s full head of hair!  In real life, I’m pretty sure if there was an unexpected fire alarm, the fire department would have to come out and investigate themselves.

Episode Fifteen

Production Notes:  The cliffhanger ending to this story is one of my favorites, and something I’d had in mind for years.  The conversation between Zhuan and JR is an awkward piece of exposition, made bearable by Jason’s Seinfeld semi-impersonation.

Episode Sixteen

Production Notes:  My wife and all three of my daughters show up in this episode, as the woman who is telling the Boss about the injured JR, and the kids that are with her.  In real life, I’m pretty sure that Elias (Dr. Chufwawa) could pretty easily take out all three people who are holding him captive.


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