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24 Minutes – Episode Seventeen

Production Notes:  The “Control” voice that Hallie speaks to on the phone was recorded in the USA by my friend Matt, who stars in The Adventures of Captain Strong – Scourge of the High Seas, and many other projects.  The character “Big X” appeared in another project of mine, the unavailable for webcast Kelowna Smiles.  It becomes apparent soon that Hallie works for the same organization that appeared in that film, when the Big X character was a field agent.

Episode Eighteen

Production Notes: This is the second episode (after Episode 9) that is basically one long scene, this time between Bobby, JR, and the Boss.  It is also the first episode of the series in which all 9 main characters all appear.

Episode Nineteen

Production Notes:  In our mission, one of the highly held values is to live lives of openness and humility before God and others,  including being very pro-active about making things right and asking for forgiveness if act selfishly, unkindly, or in any other way disobediently to God.  So the girl talking to Ronnie in this episode is doing something that is very  important, which is why he shows such respect to her.  She is just taking a very long time to do it.  It is one of my favorite scenes.

Episode Twenty

Production Notes:  This is the second and final episode in which all nine main characters appear.  Stephen Miller’s character finally gets both a name and a nickname:  The Hammerhead.  That’s another Stingray connection, as that’s the name of a villain he might have played if we’d ever made a Stingray sequel.

Episode Twenty-One

Production Notes:  This episode ran pretty short when it was first edited (something that didn’t happen that much) so I had to stretch it out as much as possible with more material featuring Spike getting into the car.

Episode Twenty-Two

Production Notes: That’s my money spilling everywhere!  It was pretty game of Tiina (as Karoliina) to let us smoosh her with a pastry!

Episode Twenty-Three

Production Notes: The Boss refers to a one-on-one, which is a regular meeting between school staff and students to discuss any issues that come up.  The moment with Yvette and the photograph is often cited by people as their favorite of the whole series.

Episode Twenty-Four

Production Notes:  The final episode!  Kim (as Hallie) somehow looks a lot taller in her conversation at the start than she really is.  In the shot where the school staff take Dr. Chufwawa across the big room to the class, you can see Elias’ short hair quite clearly.  The ending of the story isn’t the most exciting, but it was hard to know how to keep the drama high given the format of the series.

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