Hours after the events of 24 Minutes, Ronnie finds there is one last challenge for him to overcome…

Production Notes:  It was long after 24 Minutes had finished shooting, but while it was still being edited, that Nathan and I got the idea of making a bonus episode to be an extra on the DVD, similar to the way many kid’s movies now have little “bonus shorts” around one of the main film’s characters.  We bantered around story ideas for a while and then I wrote up a script.  The shoot took two weekend evenings in November 2010 in Perth, Australia, and was one of the most fun ones that I have ever been part of.

Also available:

Five Minutes That Changed My Life (an alternative edit to 4.4 Minutes)

Bonus Material

That’s right!  The Bonus Episode has it’s own Bonus Material!


Nathan tells us about how this project came to be.


Funnier, in my estimation, than the outtakes of the actual 24 Minutes.

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