24 Minutes Episode One

Production Notes:   Sameh and JoAnne, who play Bobby and Zhuan, got engaged in real life right around when we were filming this.  Nathan and Hannah, who play Ronnie and Katherine (the girl who talks to him about the party) were already married at the time this was produced.

A bit of context for those who don’t know:   24 Minutes takes place at the missionary society that I work with.  For each of the many training programmes that are run, there is a school leader who provides oversight to classroom.  That leader is supported by a number of school staff who help make things run.  Teaching is often provided by visiting (at times, international) guest speakers.  It’s not unusual for there to be various activities in the morning, followed by a morning tea break, and then followed by proper lectures.  In this case, the class has evidently taken up an offering amongst themselves for something, prior to the morning tea break.

Episode Two

Production Notes:  It becomes clear later that the mysterious figure played by Stephen Miller is not known to most of the other characters. Even with how full of people our school is, it would be unusual, though not impossible, for a stranger to sit in that public area in real life without attracting attention.

We have the first mention of “morning tea” here.  We often get a very nice selection of (one day old) pastries and sweets donated to us by local bakeries donated to us, but you never know from day to day what will be available.

Episode Three

Production Notes:  JR runs into our Hospitality Office, who help to provide coffee and other supplies to take care of our guest speakers.  It’s almost unheard of in real life for them to not have coffee available.  At one point we thought we might end every episode with someone giving the “shocked head twist” expression seen on JR’s face at the end of the episode, but we ultimately thought better of it.  Still, it turns up 7 times over the series!

Episode Four

Production Notes:  When Amber refers to “Create,” she’s talking about a ministry of our same organization that had a separate office a few blocks away.

Episode Five

Production Notes:  Look sharp for the photo sitting on the desk of the girl at Create whom JR calls.  The ending of this episode is the first time we realize for sure something really out of the ordinary is going on.  A piece of trivia:  The mysterious lurking figure played by Stephen Miller is looking at the same book that the actor was carrying in the classroom scene in Stingray.

Episode Six

Production Notes:  If you really look very very carefully, you can tell that the Boss is looking at different pigeon holes in the two different angles of the scene when his student asks to talk to him.  By the way, in real life school leaders would be called by their names, not “Boss”.

Episode Seven

Production Notes:  Jason (JR’s) running style was based on that used by Tom Cruise during Act III of Mission: Impossible III.  It was one of the first ideas we had for this series, and is probably the main reason it was written in that he’d have to run to the Create office.

Episode Eight

Production Notes:  The note that Zhuan is looking at has some telling, though oblique, clues as to what is going on.  The note is written on the back of a fairly standard note reminding Hallie of some duty she has to perform.  As a piece of trivia, that note is written by Diedre, a character who turns up briefly in Episode 19.


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