What happens when a group of staff and students of a Christian missions training program are tested to the limit during the most extraordinary morning tea break they will ever face?  Find out in this 24 Episode real-time series of one minute each.

As I’ve looked at the internet, I’ve discovered I’m not the only one who had an idea for a “24 Minutes”-type series, but this is the only one I’ve discovered that is not directly based on the TV show, 24.   This 24 Minutes is inspired by the series in terms of style and format, but the story, settings, and characters are entirely new.  And there’s a lot less cases of people having to murder their friends in cold blood for the sake of national security, which in my mind can only be a good thing.

Produced in 2009 in Perth, Australia.

Click thru the links to see the episodes, broken up for the purposes of manageability into three sections.

The Beginning

The Middle

The End

Also available, some bonus material:

4.4 Minutes – Bonus Episode (Complete with it’s own bonus material!)

Five Minutes That Changed My Life (Alternative edit to 4.4 Minutes).

Plowing Into Nation mini-documentary

4.4 Minutes Introduction & Outtakes