Reg finds a note at work asking her to call a colleague.  But the phone conversation turns into something stranger than either of them could anticipate.

Production Notes:  Filmed in 2016 with staff and students from my media-related ministry, Call Me actually started sometime earlier as a script idea for another friend of mine.  (Spoilers for the film follow)  I was visiting the country where he was living, but it turned out that he was already going on a vacation for pretty much the exact dates I was going to be in town.  He’s a filmmaker as well, so I came with this idea of two people who are talking to each other from the same place, but at two different times.  My thought was that if he could film his parts before I got there (the “Silas” portion of the film) then I could do my part afterwards (the “Reg” part).  He ended up not following it up, but the script was something I didn’t want to abandon, so it came out when my team was looking for a project we could practice our filmmaking with.

Originally, both Reg and Kate were male characters (Reg was named Ralph back then) but they became female mostly because I wanted to include both of the actresses that we ended up using.  The movie ended up taking forever to edit mostly because we had a lot of trouble with the audio.  I have to give special thanks to Holly W., who helped with the final sound edit (and composed the music) which pushed the movie over the line.