Episode Seven of The Hanna Jo Stories, a children’s adventure series from the Blue Towel Radio Theatre. After the events of Episode Six, Hanna Jo and her friends find themselves in the most unusual world yet…ours!

Production Notes:  Episode Seven of The Hanna Jo Stories is perhaps most notable for the fact that it features an almost completely new cast.  This was for two reasons.  First, Bairbre, the still-new star of the series was leaving Perth – so I had to find a different way to justify changing the actress playing Hanna Jo.  Thus, I had everyone’s voice change as they traveled to the real world, but Hanna Jo be the only one who did not travel back the same way (thus undoing the changes).

The second reason was because I wanted to have my three daughters play themselves, as this was the long-awaited story where they all appeared as characters.  But two of them already played regular characters on the series, and I didn’t feel confident in their ability to create very different voices.  So the plot device was introduced that allowed newcomers to take on the parts for this episode only.

Of course, the regular cast also appears here, very briefly, including Bairbre in her last regular appearance in the series.  She went very quickly, unfortunately, but left a good mark on the character.  But so does Nadine, who debuts here but has unfortunately also left already at the time that I write this.

Incidentally, even though it is never mentioned, the episode does take place in Perth in my mind, where there really is a bell tower by the river.  Maybe I should have put more local elements into the story to make it even more specific, but I felt like the episode already required tons of explanations, and didn’t need anything else to take away from the actual story.

Bonus Material:
Well, first the obligatory outtake reel.

And here is a little video of my kids as they were recording the opening scene of the story.  Each one did their part separately, originally on video, so this thing edited together serves as a rough cut of the opening bit but also a bit more of a glimpse at the faces behind the voices.


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