Episode Four of The Hanna Jo Stories, a children’s adventure series from the Blue Towel Radio Theatre. Hanna Jo and her friends receive a distress call from Turtle Land. But can they help sort out a dangerous internal conflict in time?

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Credits:  Produced and written by Ben McClure

Soldiers Marching Sound (pitch altered) | License:  Attribution 3.0 | Recorded by Mike Koenig | File

Production Notes:   Episode Four of the The Hanna Jo Stories is the longest and most involved installment of the series so far.  It features a fairly elaborate telling of the “teaser” story (the crew’s visit to Underwater World) and the most complex situation that the crew has faced up to this point.  The expanding cast of the series, which at the start of this episode is up to four regulars, demands in a way that the plot have more dimensions just so all the main characters can be accommodated.  And this story features the first departure from our regular cast – a character who happens to be my favorite out of the group.

Like the rest of The Hanna Jo Stories, this episode is based on a story (or two stories, actually) that I told my children.  However, the details of that original story are pretty vague in my mind, so coming into this one all I really had was civil war between land and sea turtles, the departure of one cast member and the introduction of another.  Everything else had to be pretty much created from scratch.  It’s interesting to write that way – not knowing the plot, but having a pre-ordained ending in place.

The range of performers has expanded along with the list of characters, and here in particular we have the addition of both my youngest daughter to the voices, as well as my friend Rod.  Rod was happy to participate and put a lot of work into making all of his voices distinct from one another.

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