Episode Eight of The Hanna Jo Stories, a children’s adventure audio series from the Blue Towel Radio Theatre.  Still reeling from the loss of their leader (captured by the Fox in the last episode), the crew of the Johanna must face new trouble from a planet of dangerous penguins.  But help is coming from an unexpected quarter…

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Production Notes:  Episode 8 of the series serves as part of an over-arching plot that started in Episode 6, and won’t be completed until Episode 9.  When I found out that new series star Nadine was leaving Perth, I rushed Episodes 8 and 9 into production, which was possible only because Nadine was limited to a cameo appearance in this story.  She will return for a starring role in Episode 9.

I’ve always known that we would eventually bring Darby the Guinea Pig back into the series, although I wasn’t sure how or when.  This episode, with Hanna Jo’s limited role, became the perfect opportunity.  This episode also introduces new series regular Lucinda the Posh Penguin, a character I was never crazy about in the original stories that I made up for my kids, but who took on new life in this recording thanks to the writing and performance of the character.

Most of this story was recorded on a new audio device – a digital mp3 recorder, as opposed to a video camera.  The only exception were the parts with Hanna Jo herself, as they were done months earlier.

Foolishly, in recording the credits for this episode, I mispronounced Nadine’s last name, something I didn’t notice until well after the episode was edited.

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