Captain Strong and his crew return to the Central Sea Headquarters. But their homecoming is not all that he’s hoped for, as he faces bitterness from Percy Aquavelvit’s uncle, the return of an old menace, and dark revelations about his own crew.

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Production Notes:   Volume V of Captain Strong represents a bit of a high point for me.  It was the last volume of Captain Strong to be recorded on the original machine (an old boombox-style CD / tape player with a built-in condenser mic) and the first one to be edited digitally.  The characterization and performances are good (I especially like Roxanne Hart and Antony Scurvy) and the writing is pretty tight.  What I really like about it is the economy of characters – there are far less speaking parts than either of the last two volumes, and pretty much everyone gets good treatment.  There are only two truly “throwaway” characters, and one of them – Dean – is memorable because of a great performance from newcomer Melissa Dunscomb.  I also think it’s some of the best cliffhangers I’ve done up to this point.  The first three all represent not only unexpected dangers, but genuine twists in the plot.  And the last one is something I’ve never done before or since – end an episode on the build-up to a climactic battle.

Even the last episode ends on a cliff hanger of a sort, as I finally realized that ending most stories on a “now-let’s-get-back-to-our-journeys” note was getting to be a bit of a drag.

This Volume was recorded in Peekskill in 1999.  Jackie Graziano returns as a narrator in the last couple of episodes because Dwight Schuster had to leave before we could record all his parts properly. Thus this is the first Captain Strong volume to be recorded out of order.

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