On the run from the law, Captain Strong and his crew arrive at the trading colony of Woolahoo, where they find old friends and old enemies lurking in every corner!

Episode 18

Episode 19

Episode 20

Episode 21

Episode 22

Episode 23

Production Notes:  Pretty much nothing that happened in Volume IV of The Adventures of Captain Strong audio drama was planned in advance – all of the major plot points came up as a result of surprises that had popped up in the previous couple of volumes:  Captain Strong’s new status as a fugitive, Princess Amanda & Percy Aquavelvit’s unexpected teaming up, and the success of the Duncan the Fierce character all led to the primary story elements that are heard here.  And continuing with the trend, other bits and pieces get added to the mythos which later pay off in bigger ways – many of which I did not have in mind as I wrote (eg Dogwood, Angus & Edna).  On the other hand, Lavender’s secrets and fate were already in mind at the time of this story’s composition.

Looking back at it, this volume is where my writing on Captain Strong grew up in a sense.  The dialogue feels more confident and the pacing is tighter, I think especially with the Percy / Amanda storyline.  Less successful is the “return” of Duncan the Fierce, which suffers from a bit of sequelitis (and quickly curtailed my idea of repeating the trick as a running gag in future episodes) and the quick cutting between scenes in the last episode, which, often without the aid of the narrator to make things clear, got a bit confusing.

The story was produced in 1997, again recorded in New Holland, Pennsylvania.  It’s the last time it was recorded in this location, and the last time a volume of Captain Strong was recorded with exactly three cast members

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