Captain Strong and his crew finally make it to Flurdland, but what surprises and revelations about Princess Amanda and the royal family await them there?

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Episode 17

Production Notes:  The writing for Volume III of Captain Strong was finished in a hurry, late at night before I visited my friend Matt and record the story.  As a result, the plotting is a bit  roughThe first episode feels like it drags, and the resolution to the “Cupid” storyline seems quite unsatisfactory.  Still, this was a key story that opened up the series into some new and unexpected directions.  In fact, at the time of writing these episodes I was working from a broad outline I’d created.  According to that outline, Volume III should have been 6 episodes long and should have involved the reuniting of Captain Strong and Princess Amanda.  In the course of the writing, two major ideas emerged that changed all that:  Percy’s apparent fate and departure with Princess Amanda, and Captain Strong’s being framed for crimes against Flurdland.  These two ideas reshaped a lot of what was to come.

Volume III of Captain Strong was produced in New Holland, Pennsylvania in 1996.  It  was the first volume not to be recorded in Peekskill, the first one to feature more than three main cast members, the first to feature a “special guest star” (basically a cast member who wasn’t in every episode of the volume), and the first to feature a new ending theme song.

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