The Adventures of Captain Strong – Scourge of the High Seas
Volume II

The story continues!  Captain Strong and his crew approach Princess Amanda’s homeland, but find the journey to be fraught with dangers of its own. What threat awaits in the mysteriously darkened lighthouse at the edge of Flurdland?

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Production Notes:  Recorded in Peekskill, NY in June 2005, the second set of Captain Strong episodes were written and recorded with more of a sense of where the story was going than before.  In particular, the idea of Princess Amanda having a brother was seeded (somewhat awkwardly) in this story, and is probably the first piece of deliberate foreshadowing in the series.  Anticipating that my friend Mike would not be available, I asked my friend Jackie (a fan of the first volume) to appear, and did not include King Guber in the story and had Percy suffer from laryngitis.  Mike enjoyed these episodes nonetheless, especially the villain Duncan the Fierce.  His insistence that the character not be killed off led to him making a reappearance (after a fashion) two volumes later.  The character of Crewman Stickelbrain, on the other hand, was intended to be a one-off character who would die in this story similar to the “Red Shirts” on classic Star Trek, but he defied expectations, survived, and went on to the be one of the starring characters of the entire series.

Bonus Material

Volume II Outtakes


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