The Adventures of Captain Strong – Scourge of the High Seas
Volume 1
The story commences!  Captain Strong and his crew, including coxswain Percy Aquavelvit and Randy the cabin boy, wash ashore of Castle Jathreel after a shipwreck, where he meets the beautiful Princess Amanda and her mysterious step-father, King Guber.  And so begins a daring quest for truth, romance, and adventure that will lead all our characters they never could have expected.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Production Notes

As has already been noted, this first lot of episodes of The Adventures of Captain Strong was recorded all in one night (mostly after midnight) early in 1994 at my parent’s home in New York.  As much as possible, episodes were recorded in continuous takes, so that occasionally mistakes and flubs were just left in.  A lot of my inspiration for these episodes, and for the series in general, comes from Bob & Ray, the classic radio comedians that I had discovered years earlier.  Other recognizable influences include Star Trek and Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

You’ll notice that the voice of one of the main characters, Randy the Cabin Boy, changes completely between Episode 1 and Episode 2.  It just happened that way in order to make Randy’s voice more distinct from other characters who debuted later.  But I’m glad it did – the “new” Randy voice immediately became the definitive one and helped to shape the character’s personality as the story continued.

The first episode is filled almost non-stop with annoying storm sound effects – try not to let that keep you from enjoying the story!

Bonus Material

Volume I Outtakes


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