Captain Strong and Princess Amanda separately make their way to the International Union summit, and come under threat from the evil King Parbiggle…

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Production Notes:  After the poor recording quality of the last two volumes of Captain Strong, I recorded these episodes (and all subsequent episodes, so far) with a video camera, providing a different, but much clearer than before, sound quality.  I don’t feel that these scripts are my best work by a long shot.  There are some fun moments, but there are far too many characters who are not distinct enough from each other.   So it’s challenging to keep them all straight.  One of my ideas was to do a story completely around Princess Amanda, and then to have her reunite with Captain Strong suddenly, as quite a surprising reveal, in the middle of the story.  But I ended up only doing this half-heartedly in this story, and frankly found it hard to write Princess Amanda as the lead character of the story.  The last couple of episodes, when Captain Strong takes a lead role again, were a bit stronger, and the story sets up well the next several volumes.

In spite of the overcrowding of the story, I did enjoy the characterizations for Menial Jobs Officer Ivy and Lady Castle.

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