Randy returns to Flurdland to look for his lost love, Veronica Rhubarb, where he encounters a crisis and an opportunity that lies at the heart of Captain Strong’s adventures.

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Production Notes:  Like the last Volume, the audio quality in these episodes is weaker than most of the series, and for the same reason.  They are marginally better than Volume VI, though.  I promise that after this, it all improves again.  The writing here is pretty good, though, and features a reasonably funny “free-style” approach to the storytelling, where Randy just sort of experiences one wacky event after another, while at the same time accomplishing some pretty major moves forward for the overarching plot.  Series star Matt Heller only appears briefly in this volume.  Originally, he was to have a larger part (playing the role of Rudolph) but he wasn’t able to stay long enough to record that material.  So has a decent role in Episode 31, and then smaller appearances in rest of the serial.  If I’d thought about it, I would have bumped him from the top spot in the credits, but I didn’t.

Bonus Material:

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