A 50 Episode (so far) series of high adventure, intrigue, and romance!

Based on series of text blurbs that I had written for fun, The Adventures of Captain Strong–Scourge of the High Seas got started after I’d participated with my friend Matt’s radio program at Wheaton College and took part in an ongoing audio drama that was one of his regular feature.  Inspired by the fun of this sort of drama, I quickly wrote (on the bus ride back home to New York) the six episodes that comprise Volume I.  They sat around for a couple of years until one night when we abruptly decided to record the story.

We had lots of fun, and as the plot was open ended, I started writing and recording more.  Since then, the story has grown to 50 episodes (so far), divided into 10 volumes (ie production blocks) and is only now beginning to near it’s conclusion.  Many different performers have been involved, but the mainstays have always been Matt and myself.

The whole process was pretty cavalier, recording quickly, on low-tech equipment, with few sound effects other than what we could produce on the spot ourselves.  But the story is elaborate, with many subplots coming and going.  There are imperfections to be sure, but overall I think it’s enjoyable blend of comedy, adventure, and romance.

Volume One [Episodes 1-6]

Volume Two [Episodes 7-10]

Volume Three [Episodes 11-17]

Volume Four [Episodes 18-23]

Volume Five [Episodes 24-28]

Volume Six [Episodes 29-30]

Volume Seven [Episodes 31-34]

Volume Eight [Episodes 35-39]

Volume Nine [Episodes 40-45]

Volume Ten [Episodes 46-50]

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