A Martian King Christmas

As promised yesterday, a Christmas Tale about the Martian Kings…

Once upon a time the four Martian Kings were returning from one of their kind and benevolent outings on the back of their Martian Pangolin.

Suddenly, one of them noticed a bright star in the sky.

It was like nothing they had ever seen!

They conferred together, and then decided to ride their Martian Camels to the place the star was leading them.

It was a long journey that was treacherous and difficult, through the long hot desert day…

…and the cold desert night.

Finally they arrived at the site they were heading toward, where a special baby had been born.

Together the Martian Kings worshiped the King of Kings, and their hearts will full of great joy!

The End!

I trust your hearts are as well! Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!


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