Christmas and All It Brings (including the Martian Kings!)

It’s Christmas–or it just has been, and you know what that means?

Christmas stockings!

Christmas decorations!

Christmas snacks and junk food!

Christmas performances!

Christmas presents!

Of course, there is also family, community and eternal hope and peace which transcends all the difficulties and nonsense of this world and the year.

And in our house, if you have read of any of my previous Christmas postings (for example), it means the return of the Martian Kings–little orange fluffballs that once came in a package from the Netherlands and have since become part of our family Christmas decorations and mythology.

The Martian Kings come out with the rest of the decorations and then make their way through the house over the course of the holidays, showing up in many unexpected places.

Photographic proof that there used to be six of these guys; now only four remain

They have even visited the birth of Jesus in our Nativity Scene in years past.

This year they were joined by three “Martian Camels” that my daughter acquired on her recent trip to Amsterdam.

I looked at all these guys and I thought, there’s a tale to tell here.

And so there will be…tomorrow!

Until then.


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