Time to Nominate: Doctor Who Creator Hall of Fame 2022!

Last year, we welcomed seven real-life creators into our inaugural Doctor Who Creator Hall of Fame. And now it’s time to add to that number in another round of worthy inductees.

But first we have to decide on who that’s going to be. The first step is nominations.

Who is eligible? Well, basically anyone who has ever worked on Doctor Who in any sort of professional behind-the-scenes capacity, whether that is the TV show (naturally) or Big Finish audios, novels, comics, or whatever. So that could be writers, directors, actors, producers, musicians, designers, artists…whatever.

The only professional Doctor Who creators who we can’t nominate this year are the following stalwarts: Tom Baker, Russell T. Davies, William Hartnell, Verity Lambert, Steven Moffat, Elisabeth Sladen and David Tennant. Why are they excluded? Simply because they were last year’s inductees, so they are already in the Hall of Fame. See here for tributes about them each.

How can you nominate? Any number of ways! You can add a comment at the end of this post, or you can email me at benmcclure47@gmail.com. If you can find me on any of the number of Doctor Who Facebook groups that I’m part of, you can comment there when I share this link. Or you can find the Reddit post I’ll inevitably make eventually.

In the meantime, I’m going to share my nominations here. I’m picking ten people, but you can feel free to nominate as many as you’d like. Everyone who gets at least two nominations will go onto the ballot (unless we get, say, more than 50 nominations, and then I’ll set the bar higher).

So, my picks…

Nicholas Briggs

Delia Derbyshire

Terrance Dicks

Murray Gold

Philip Hinchcliffe

Robert Holmes

Barry Letts

John Nathan-Turner

Terry Nation

Patrick Troughton

Wow! There’s some worthy contenders on that there list, and a lot more that I haven’t mentioned.

So…who do you want to nominate? Let me know!

3 thoughts on “Time to Nominate: Doctor Who Creator Hall of Fame 2022!

  1. My nominees (actors):
    Peter Cushing
    Nicholas Courtney
    Roger Delgado
    Elisabeth Sladen
    Tom Baker
    Trevor Martin
    Louise Jameson
    David Warner
    Jodie Whittaker
    Jo Martin

    My nominees (show runners):
    Sydney Newman
    Verity Lambert
    Terry Nation
    Terrance Dicks
    Philip Hinchcliffe
    Robert Holmes
    Eric Saward
    Nicholas Briggs
    Mark Gatiss
    Russell T. Davies

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