Christmas Nativity

Following on from yesterday‘s presentation of a teaser for the (hopefully) forthcoming Doug 3, but really coming before it, and in celebration of Christmas, today we have a special Christmas nativity presentation!

This is a little nativity film made by my ministry team for our missions community Christmas celebrations last year in 2021,but which for various reasons we were not able to release online until now. It’s a cute little film that features my team at the time (really two teams) and many of our family members. That’s me as the grouchy innkeeper, wearing the vest I bought in Mongolia twenty years ago which only ever gets used for things like this.

Also, this ties into the Teaser from yesterday in that Doug actually makes a brief appearance in the movie, if you keep your eyes open.

I hope that all of you enjoy this little movie, and that are enjoying your Christmas season, whatever that means for you.

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