Teaser: Doug 3

Back in 2019, for our staff retreat for the missions organization that I’m part of, my friends and I made a film called Lost in Spaces which introduced a memorable supporting character named Doug.

It was a pretty big success in our little circle, so the following year, in 2020, we made a new movie which focused on Doug as the star, called Doug 2: Electric Bus Boogaloo.

It is, I think, an even better production. It ended, however, with a cliffhanger, and a tease that Doug might return in 2021.

Well, now we’re here at the end of 2021 and no such movie has appeared. We did think about it and talk about a story, but various challenges related to COVID and some other things prevented it from actually happening.

But since we teased that Doug might return in 2021, we didn’t want to let the year pass without doing anything. So for a recent staff meeting where my team was able to show a bunch of short movies, we put together a little something, and I thought I’d share it here.

First, though, here are the original films, if you feel like having a look at them. First up: Lost in Spaces:

Second up: Doug 2: Electric Bus Boogaloo:

And now, a very brief teaser for a project that now I guess we really have to do. You’ll here talk here about Twisties, which one of my colleagues had just won a whole bunch of bags of, so in the little film showing that this was part of, we’d made some references to the Twisties and then gave them out to everyone as snacks.

Also, you’ll hear reference to the idea of “Kith”, which is a word that means something like familiar friends, neighbors, and so on, as in the phrase “kith and kin”. This year, as we come to celebrate Christmas at our missions community, “kith” is one of the themes in the decorations. So that also came up in our film screening, and thus made its way into this little project.

And without further ado, here is the teaser:

Like I said, now we really have to do this Doug 3 thing. Early in 2022 will be the plan!

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