Doctor Who A to Z: Y is for Youth

Inspired by a series of Facebook posts that I saw, we have been running through an alphabetical series of Doctor Who-related themes. However, lately there haven’t been any updates to the Facebook posts so I hadn’t been continuing this series. I’ve decided not to wait any longer and just come up with own prompts. So, today we continue this with the letter Y…


Or young people, really.

In the decades of Doctor Who‘s existence, there have of course been lots of kids who have been part of the show, although perhaps not as many as you’d think.

There is one for me, though, who stands out as obviously the most interesting…

Amelia Pond

Steven Moffat and his team did a great job with Amelia Pond in The Eleventh Hour. She was funny and cute and was a perfect introduction to Matt Smith’s Doctor, who was himself more child-like than almost any other incarnation of the Doctor before him.

She was so well written and so charmingly played by Caitlin Blackwood that we were all sad to see her grow up so abruptly.

Although grow up she did, and with everyone doing equally good work on the grown up Amy Pond, we all moved on.

Young Amelia showed up a few more times, though–in The Big Bang, Let’s Kill Hitler, and The God Complex, and then via archive footage in Amy’s final story, The Angels Take Manhatten. She showed up a final time The Time of the Doctor in a brief cameo by an uncredited child actress.

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