Legion of Super-Heroes Creator Hall of Fame 2021–It’s voting time!

A week ago I asked for nominations for our Legion of Super-Heroes Creator Hall of Fame. Any real life creator of official Legion material was eligible, except for the five who were inducted in 2020.

Those five, again, were Jim Shooter, Curt Swan, Paul Levitz, Keith Giffen and Dave Cockrum, as you can read about here.

The question is…which Legion creators will join these hallowed ranks? Our extended community has nominated 26 different possibilities (technically 27, but we count Tom & Mary Bierbaum as one creator for the sake of this poll).

In case you are curious or need reminding, for people to be eligible they had to be nominated by at least two people (which were the same rules I applied last year)–not a very high bar to clear, but still some people get left out. Last year, James Sherman didn’t make it onto the ballot. This year, there is no sign of Cary Bates.

Anyway, here are the nominees. Your job is to vote for four of them–based on any criteria you like. We’ll let the voting go on for about a week. At the end of that time we will announce the winners!

Thanks for participating and happy voting!

The ballot is just below here but if it doesn’t work for you properly you can also try going to this link.


5 thoughts on “Legion of Super-Heroes Creator Hall of Fame 2021–It’s voting time!

  1. Well, it seems to be visible for some people, but I’ve gone ahead and added a direct link in the text up above which maybe will work for you better. Let me know.

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