Daily Doctor Who – Index

Over the past year, I set myself the fairly silly goal of blogging about Doctor Who every day. In other words, Daily Doctor Who…which has run daily from November 24, 2020 – November 23, 2021.

November 23 is obviously the birthday of the show, which this year has turned 58 years old.

Anyway, I think it was a pretty big effort to have published a full 365 posts about the program in this one year window, and so I thought a way to acknowledge all that work is to write up a quick index of the series here, sorted by topic.

I won’t be continuing this into the next year, though I do hope to continue a daily publishing schedule– just not always about Doctor Who. We will see.


Daily Doctor Who

A Hero in the Darkness

April Fools!! (I wish)

Daily Doctor Who & Daily Spoon

Daleks! (Webcast)

Doctor Who & the Sleep-Crash

Musings on Regenerations and Birthdays

One of My Personal Quirks

Star Trek Deep Space 9: Equilibrium – Some Casual Thoughts

The Tenth Doctor Tournament – Final Round

Today I Ate a Pear

Actor & Series Connections

The Avengers – First Season

The Avengers – Cathy Gale era

The Avengers – Emma Peel years

The Avengers – Tara King years

The New Avengers

The Avengers – Final Thoughts

Blake’s 7 – part 1

Blake’s 7 – part 2 (actors)

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


The Prisoner

Red Dwarf

Robin of Sherwood

Star Wars

2001: A Space Odyssey

Actors (and More) Outside the TARDIS

Classic Actors Outside the TARDIS

Modern Actors Outside the TARDIS

More Classic and Modern Actors Outside the TARDIS (part 2)

More Classic and Modern Actors Outside the TARDIS (round 3)

More Classic and Modern Actors Outside the TARDIS (round 3)

More Classic and Modern Actors Outside the TARDIS (round 4)

More Classic and Modern Actors Outside the TARDIS (round 5)

More Classic and Modern Actors Outside the TARDIS (final round)

Franz Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life

Star Trek Continues: The White Iris

Star Trek Continues: To Boldly Go

All the Years


























Early Births and Deaths – Part 1

Early Births and Deaths – Part 2

Big Finish


Bernice Summerfield – Oh No It Isn’t!

Bernice Summerfield – Silver Lining

The Best-Laid Plans (Short Trips)

Creatures of Beauty

The Dark Flame


Diary of River Song volume 2

Doctor Who and the Pirates


Forever Fallen (Short Trips)


Landbound (Short Trips)

The Last Day at Work (Short Trips)

Last of the Titans

Living Legend



No Place Like Home


Project: Lazarus

Shadow of the Daleks 1

Shadow of the Daleks 2

Big Finish Samplers

Aimed at the Body–Shadow of the Daleks

An Eye for Murder

Blood on Santa’s Claw

The Church and the Crown

The Companion Chronicles – The Story of Extinction

Doom Coalition 1

Forty-Five – The Word Lord

Ghost Station

Iris Wildthyme: Murder at the Abbey

The Ratings War

Sarah Jane Smith – Comeback

UNIT – The Coup

The War Master – Beneath the Viscoid

Winston Churchill

The Worlds of Big Finish–The Archive

Classic Doctor Who

The Ark in Space

An Unearthly Child

The Azteks


The Curse of Peladon

The Daleks

Day of the Daleks

The Deadly Assassin


The Edge of Destruction

The Faceless Ones

Fury from the Deep

Genesis of the Daleks

The Green Death

The Hand of Fear

The Ice Warriors


The Invasion

The Keys of Marinus


The Krotons


The Mind Robber

Pyramids of Mars

The Ribos Operation


The Robots of Death

The Seeds of Death

The Sensorites


Silver Nemesis

Time and the Rani


The Twin Dilemma

Vengeance on Varos

Convention Encounters

Anthony Ainley

Sophie Aldred

Blake’s 7 Actors

Book Authors

Nicola Bryant

Colin Baker

Tom Baker

Nicholas Courtney

Peter Davison

Janet Fielding

Carole Ann Ford

Danny John-Jules (Science Fiction Convention Encounters)

John Nathan-Turner

Wendy Padbury & John Levene

Jon Pertwee

Robin of Sherwood Actors

William Russell

Elisabeth Sladen & John Leeson

Sarah Sutton

Matthew Waterhouse

Lost Autographs…Found!

Creator Hall of Fame


Nominees – Some Background

Time to Vote

Still Time to Vote


Doctor Who A to Z

A is for Alternate Doctors

B is for Black and White

C is for Companions

D is for Doctors

E is for Eighties

F is for Fashion

G is for Groups

H is for Heartthrob

I is for Ice Warriors

J is for Jokes

K is for Kleenex

L is for Lies

M is for Monsters

N is for Nightmares

O is for Old

P is for Peter

Q is for Queen

R is for Robots

S is for Smith

T is for Time

U is for UNIT

Doctor Who Invades the Multiverse

The Flash (Arrowverse)

Lego Batman Movie

Looney Tunes

Phineas and Ferb

Roland Rat

Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes


Young Justice

The Young Ones

Classic Doctor Who: The Timey-Wimiest Episodes

11 Times Doctor Who Reinvented Itself

Lament for the Time Lords

Modern Doctor Who: The Timey-Wimiest Episodes that Steven Moffat did not Write

Musical Parodies

Old but fun videos

Quick Little Doctor Who Quiz

Steven Moffat’s Timey-Wimiest Episodes

Theme Song Youtube Videos

Memorabilia and Things

Classic Reference Books (part 1)

Classic Reference Books (part 2)

Doctor Who-style Christmas Loot


My Most-Used Piece of Doctor Who Memorabilia…plus a whimsical pangolin

Stuff I Spent My Money On

Non-Existent Crossovers

First Doctor & Lost in Space

Second Doctor & Star Trek

Third Doctor & The Prisoner

Fourth Doctor & Land of the Lost

Fifth Doctor & Star Wars

Sixth Doctor & Blake’s 7

Seventh Doctor & Star Trek: The Next Generation

Eighth Doctor & Quantum Leap

Ninth Doctor & Godzilla

Tenth Doctor & Legion of Super-Heroes

Eleventh Doctor & Phineas and Ferb

Rankings, Questions & Lists

Amy Pond meet Amy Pond

Australia in Doctor Who

A Baker’s Dozen (or a Dozen Bakers?)

Big Finish: Ten of My Favorites

Dystopian Visions

Episode Titles: The Best and the Worst (part 1)

Episode Titles: The Best and the Worst (part 2)

The Fathers of Doctor Who

51 Episodes of Doctor Who that I Love the Most (video)

51 Episodes of Doctor Who that I Love the Most – analysis

57 Years of Doctor Who novels!

The Honorable Mentions

How many Bens?

How many McClures?

How old was each actor to play the Doctor?

How Well Did Each Producer Handle the Companion Departures?

Modern Series Openers

The Most Christmassy Specials

The Mothers of Doctor Who

The Overrated

Time Away from Earth (Classic Era)

Time Away from Earth (Modern Era)

What word appears the most in Doctor Who episode titles?

Which monster could have been terrifying if it just wasn’t so silly?

Doctor Who I Want To Believe


Doctor Who Companions vs. the X-Files

What’s that blue thing…doing here?

Say Something Nice

An Unearthly Child

The Daleks

The Edge of Destruction

Marco Polo

The Keys of Marinus

The Azteks

The Sensorites

The Reign of Terror

The Planet of the Giants

The Dalek Invasion of Earth

The Rescue

The Romans

The Web Planet

The Crusade

The Space Museum

The Chase

The Time Meddler

Galaxy Four

Mission to the Unknown

The Myth Makers

The Daleks’ Masterplan

The Massacre

The Ark

The Celestial Toymaker

The Gunfighters

The Savages

The War Machines

The Smugglers

The Tenth Planet

The Power of the Daleks

The Highlanders

The Underwater Menace

The Moonbase

The Macra Terror

The Facless Ones

The Evil of the Daleks

The Tomb of the Cybermen

The Abominable Snowmen

The Ice Warriors

The Enemy of the World

The Web of Fear

Fury from the Deep

The Wheel in Space

The Dominators

The Mind Robber

The Invasion

Series 13 and Recent News

Daleks: Coming Soon (sigh)

Evil of the Daleks! Woo-hoo!

Flux–not long now…

Flux Chapter 1 The Halloween Apocalypse

Flux Chapter 2 War of the Sontarans

Flux Chapter 3 Once, Upon Time

Musings on a New Year of Doctor Who

The Return of the Russell T. Davies–What I’m hopeful for

The Return of the Russell T. Davies–What I’m Unenthusiastic ABout

Revolution of the Daleks–The Bad News

Revolution of the Daleks–The Good News

Rumors: Saying Goodby to Jodie Whittaker?

Saying Goodbye to Thirteen

Series 13 Trailer & News

Will Russell T. Davies break all the Doctor Who records?

Steven Moffat Monster Tournament

1.1 The Empty Child vs. The Testimony

1.2 The Clockwork Droids vs. The Monks

1.3 The Weeping Angels vs. The Sentient Oil

1.4 The Vashta Narada vs. The Shoal of the Winter Harmony

1.5 The Atraxi vs. King Hydroflax’s Robot Body

1.6 Prisoner Zero vs. The Cloister Wraiths

1.7 The Smilers vs. The Veil

1.8 The Star Whale vs. Colony Sarff

1.9 The Sky Sharks vs. The Handmines

1.10 The Silence vs. The Kantrofarri (aka The Dream Crabs)

1.11 The Headless Monks vs. A Creature perfectly evolved to hide

1.12 The Teselecta Antibodies s vs. The Half-Face Man

1.13 The Wooden King & Queen vs. The Whispermen

1.14 Dalek Zombies vs. The Spoonheads

1.15 The Snowmen vs.The Ice Governess

2.1 The Weeping Angels vs. The Handmines

2.2 The Silence vs. Prisoner Zero

2.3 A Creature perfectly evolved to hide vs. Colony Sarff

2.4 The Empty Child vs. The Veil

2.5 The Snowmen vs. The Whisper Men

2.6 The Half-Face Man vs. The Dalek Zombies

2.7 The Clockwork Droids vs. The Atraxi

3.1 The Weeping Angels vs. A Creature perfectly evolved to hide

3.2 The Silence vs. The Half-Face Man

3.3 The Clockwork Droids vs. The Empty Child

3.4 The Vashta Narada vs. The Whisper Men

4.1 The Weeping Angels vs. The Silence

4.2 The Vashta Narada vs. The Empty Child

Final – The Weeping Angels vs. The Empty Child

This Date in History

The Curse of Fatal Death

58 Years Ago Today, Filming on Doctor Who Began for the First Time

May 20: This Day in Doctor Who

My Birthday Week in Doctor Who

November 23 – This Day in History

A Sad Day (when the tea got cold)

Three Years of Jodie Whittaker

The War of the Worlds in Doctor Who – Leveraging Mass Hysteria

Time Meddler

My First Doctor Wish-list

My Second Doctor Wish-list

My Third Doctor Wish-list

My Fourth Doctor Wish-list

My Fifth Doctor Wish-list

My Wish-list for the Five Doctors

My Sixth Doctor Wish-list

My Seventh Doctor Wish-list

My Eighth Doctor Wish-list

My Eigth Doctor Wish-list (Second Attempt)

My Ninth Doctor Wish-list

My Tenth Doctor Wish-list

My Eleventh Doctor Wish-list

My Twelfth Doctor Wish-list


#1: What do these characters have in common?

#2: What order are the Doctors listed here?

#3: A Contest of Doctors

#4: Some Particular Years

#5: Some Notable Writers

Only True Whovians need try, apparently — Part 1

Only True Whovians need try, apparently — Part 2

Only True Whovians need try, apparently — Part 3

Only True Whovians need try, apparently — Part 4

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