Legion of Super-Heroes Creators Hall of Fame – Nominations for 2021

Ever since ever, the Legion of Super-Heroes has been my favorite comic book title. Lots of talented people have contributed to the depth, breadth and scope of the series and the world that it inhabits. And so last year, I kicked off our official Legion of Super-Heroes Creators Hall of Fame!

Not fictional Legion founders, but real-world creators. Like writers, artists, editors, and so on.

After as broad a process of nominating and voting that I knew how to generate, we inducted five people into our Hall of Fame for 2020: Dave Cockrum, Keith Giffen, Paul Levitz, Jim Shooter, and Curt Swan (read all about it here).

But that was over a year ago, and I think it’s time to do it again!

Step one is Nominations. Basically, I’ll include on the Ballot every single creator that gets nominated, up to 100 people. We’ll source them here, and also at a Facebook group I’m in and another fan-site that I know.

By creators, I am including anyone who helped to make an official Legion issue or piece of Legion art. So writers, pencillers, inkers, colorists, letterers, editors, cover artists…even people who worked on the Legion in other media (like the relevant episodes of Smallville or Supergirl)–basically anyone but the people who are already in the Hall of Fame mentioned above.

Anyway, if I get more than 100 nominations (last year we didn’t get anywhere close to that), then the ones that were named the most will get the nod.

Also last year it was suggested that I drop the number of eventual inductees for this year from five down to two–I’m see the reason for the suggestion (so we don’t run out of creators too quickly) but I’m not going to go as far as that. Instead I’ll drop it to four new inductees this year. If we keep this going in future years, we’ll go to three and then finally down to two after that.

In any case, I’ll start! Here are my initial nominations. I’ll limit myself to nine for no particular reason but that I feel like it.

Ed Hamilton (Writer)

Mark Waid (Writer, Editor)

Mort Weisinger (Editor)

Jerry Siegel (Writer)

John Constanza (Letterer)

Tom McCraw (Colorist, Writer)

Steve Lightle (Artist)

E. Nelson Bridwell (Writer)

John Forte (Artist)

Who are yours? Feel free to put them in the comments or email me at benmcclure47@gmail.com. And you can nominate as many or as few as you like. Just remember that this is the second year for this Hall of Fame, so Cockrum, Giffen, Levtiz, Shooter and Swan are not eligible because they are already in our Hall of Fame.

4 thoughts on “Legion of Super-Heroes Creators Hall of Fame – Nominations for 2021

  1. My nominations (in order of preference):

    1. Mike Grell (artist)
    2. Steve Lightle (artist)
    3. Larry Mahlstadt (inker)
    4. Karen Berger (editor)
    5. Olivier Coipel (artist)
    6=. Dan Abnett (writer)
    6=. Andy Lanning (writer)

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