Doctor Who Fluxx

Doctor Who Flux is the umbrella title for the current series of Doctor Who, which is being presented as a single six-part story spanning time and space (including a planet actually called Time).

Doctor Who Fluxx, on the other hand, is a card game produced by Looney Labs, originally in the late 1990’s, in which the rules and the conditions for winning the game change throughout the game, based on the cards that people play.

(Daily Doctor Who #361)

Lots of versions and variations have been produced all over the years–for the likes of Batman, Star Trek, pirate, Spongebob Squarepants, and so on.

One of those versions was Doctor Who Fluxx, which came out in 2017–meaning that the set has elements which go up to Series 9, but not beyond.

The game includes “Keepers”, which are just cards that have different characters or items on them that you put in front of you–so like the 5th Doctor, or Clara Oswald, or the Sonic Screwdriver.

It also includes “Creepers”, which are monsters or villains that cause problems–Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels and the Master.

And then it includes changing Goals–different combinations of Keepers or Creepers that you have to have in order to win. The different combinations have all got series-related names, like “Come along, Ponds” (11th Doctor and the Ponds), or “The Angels Have the Phone Box” (Weeping Angel and the TARDIS) or “Bad Wolf” (9th Doctor and Rose Tyler).

Sadly, it also only mainly covers the revived series as well. It does include all the Doctors, but the only companions who are not originally from the revived era are Sarah Jane Smith and K9 (who together allow you to win under a Goal called “Affirmative, Mistress!”) So, no Jamie, no Brigardier, no Susan, no Jo Grant, no Tegan, etc. And nearly no story references from the classic era like the Mara, or the Key to Time, or being UNIT’s scientific advisor, or anything like that.

Also, while there are lots of goals that one can use any Doctor to win, there are also those that require specific Doctors…but with a very few exceptions, none of those are classic-era Doctors.

Anyway, I was playing the game with my daughter yesterday, which I thought was amusing just because of the current story title. I don’t find it all that great, although it is engaging for a short time. Maybe if it was somehow a bit more strategic rather than being as luck-based as it is.

But still, fun for a short time.

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