Doctor Who: Musical Parodies

Another round of Doctor Who-related videos today.

(Daily Doctor Who #333)

Fan fiction is such a funny thing. The world is just full of all sorts. And sometimes, they are pretty well done!

Take today’s trio of Doctor Who musical-related parody videos. They are all having fun with the series, and each one has got good production values, both in terms of video and in terms of singing and music.

First up, there’s this one, Doctor Who The Musical, presenting Doctor Who in the manner of a classic showtune. It’s directed by Vijay Nazareth, with music by Antonius Nazareth, sung largely by Travis Kent:

Nice, right? This next one was released the very same month (October 2012)–it’s a more irreverent look at the series, but still with a lot of obvious affection for it. It’s called Who? (The Doctor Who Musical Experience), and the song, lyrics and direction are by Steven Seller;

And finally, there’s this Hamilton-style Doctor Who parody song called The Doctor. This one is made up of clips from the series but edited to an original song recording. It’s largely by Alexander Daniels and Scott Sebring.

So crazy! Each one of them must have been so much work. And so well done.

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