Doctor Who: Steven Moffat’s Timey-Wimiest Episodes

I have a new article over at–a Top 10 countdown of Doctor Who‘s “timey-wimiest” episodes, as written by former showrunner Steven Moffat.

(Daily Doctor Who #326)

You can see the article here. If you go and look through it sometime soon then I will make a teeny-tiny amount of money.

A list like this has a lot of contenders. Steven Moffat is the show’s most prolific writer, having penned more TV stories than anyone else. And he is the one who has done the most playing around with time travel concepts.

In the name of preserving some suspense, I won’t tell you here which stories made my Top 10 list. But I will tell some of the ones that didn’t. Some of the “honourable mentions,” as they were…

The Impossible Astronaut / The Day of the Moon

The Husbands of River Song

The Angels Take Manhattan


Last Christmas

And because we’re limiting ourselves to regular television episodes…so we are also not going to be including…

The Curse of Fatal Death

A comic special produced in between the two iterations of the series.


A mini-episode which came out after Series 3.

Continuity Errors

A short story that Steven Moffat wrote for a collection called Decalog 3: Consequences.

But what is on the list? And what is Number One? Click through to find out!

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