Doctor Who – Old but fun videos

Not much to say today, but I don’t want to break the run that we’ve had now for over 300 days on Daily Doctor Who! So here are some quick videos that the Doctor Who fan might find interesting.

(Daily Doctor Who #316)

Three quick links to share here.

First off, there’s Tom Baker being interviewed by Jon Culshaw, a noted Tom Baker impersonator, on a show called Alter Ego from 2001. It’s more amusing for Culshaw’s performance than anything they actually talk about…

Then for a bit more of Tom Baker, there’s a clip I’ve seen before here of Tom back in 1979 visiting a school in Australia. This was when he was at the height of his fame in Doctor Who. It’s a really cute looking conversation.

Finally, I read something about Peter Davison appearing in This is Your Life back in the 1980’s, and I was looking for a clip online. I couldn’t find but, but I did find this interview with Peter Davison where he is talking about the experience, which is kind of interesting to listen to…

Enjoy, if this is your cup of tea. Back tomorrow with something a little more substantial (probably).

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