Doctor Who Trivia: Only True Whovians need try, apparently — Part 4

The other day I was wondering what to write about for this Daily Doctor Who series, and I struck upon the idea of looking at a Doctor Who trivial quiz online and seeing how I do at it.

(Daily Doctor Who #305)

So I found this quiz at where it claims that only a true Doctor Who fan can get them all correct. This claim is suspicious because the introduction to the quiz says that Doctor Who was originally a Marvel comic released on October 17, 1979, which was then adapted into a TV show in 2005 which ran for 12 consecutive seasons, and starred David Tennant and Matt Smith.

I’ve done thirty questions (out of 40+) over three days so far have a 96.7% “true Whovian” rating. Today, we’re going to do the final ten (or 10+, we will see).

These last questions seem to be focused on the new series. The little heading for this section is a bit more accurate than the overall heading up top, as it says that after years of waiting the show finally returned in 2005.

(I’m paraphrasing the questions here)…

Question 31 – Who plays the current Doctor?

Well, assuming that this quiz is from this current season, the answer is Jodie Whittaker.

Question 32 – Which modern Doctor wears a bow-tie as part of his regular costume?

That’s good ol’ Matt Smith.

Question 33 – Which actor played the Doctor in an episode which featured the Daleks attacks Britain during the Winston Churchill administration?

Again, that’s Matt Smith again, in Victory of the Daleks.

Question 34 – What was the first episode of Season 5, in which Amy Pond discovered a crack in her wall?

The Eleventh Hour, which introduced Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill in their roles as the Doctor, Amy & Rory. Although technically, Amy did not discover the crack in her wall in this story–she already knew about it.

Question 35 – For how many years has new Doctor Who been airing?

It started in 2005 (as mentioned in the introduction of this quiz, actually), which means as per today it’s been airing for 16 years. However, in that time there have been only 12 season, although at least one episode (maybe a special) has aired every year. So, it’s a bit confusing.

The answer they give is 15 years, which just shows the quizzes age, I guess.

Question 36 – How many years did David Tennant last before his regeneration?

Again, this is confusing. He did three seasons plus another year of specials. Technically, his first full story was December 2005, and his last was January 2010. So that’s about four years.

But…the answer it gives is two years, from 2008 – 2010. Um…that is very, very wrong. I’m counting myself as right.

Question 37 – In which episode does the Doctor lie about telling River song his name?

Hmm…this is tricky. I’m not sure, and because the quiz is so unreliable, it makes me feel like it’s hard to know how to evaluate an answer. But wait, I guess the answer is The Wedding of River Song, where he whispers in River’s ear and then announces that he was telling her his real name, when in reality he was clueing her into the act that he was really miniaturized inside a shape-shifting robot that looked like himself.

The answer it gives though is The Name of the Doctor. Hmm, further research is required….

Upon doing further research, I don’t think that this is correct. In The Name of the Doctor, River clearly knows the Doctor’s name, but the Doctor doesn’t seem to lie about it anywhere–either by saying he told her when he didn’t, or by saying he didn’t tell her when he did. He clearly does do that in The Wedding of River Song, though. So again I’m giving credit to myself unless someone can correct me.

Question 38 – What was Amelia Pond’s husband’s name?

Rory Williams, as played by Arthur Darvill.

Question 39 – Who was the first bisexual companion on the show?

I assume the answer they are thinking of is Jack Harkness, though he is often described as “pan-sexual” or “omni-sexual.”

Actually, the quiz then says that David Bradley followed Hurndall 34 years later. This is accurate, except of course Bradley didn’t play the role in The Five Doctors.

Question 40 – Which classic Doctor Who villain resembles a salt-shaker?

Uh, the Daleks obviously. Although technically you could make a salt shaker in the shape of almost anything.

I don’t feel like that’s a question which is particularly focused on the revived series, and I don’t think it’s the sort of thing that only a true Whovian would know.

Although, what do I know…I’m only 97.5% Whovian, due to not being able to anticipate the preferences of the users of more accurately.

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