Doctor Who Trivia: Only True Whovians need try, apparently — Part 1

I was wondering what to write about on this, the 302nd day of my Daily Doctor Who year, and I struck upon the idea of looking at a Doctor Who trivial quiz online and seeing how I do at it.

(Daily Doctor Who #302…pretty obvious, right?)

So I found this quiz at where it claims that only a true Doctor Who fan can get them all correct.

Now, as I read it, in the introduction I see that this site claims that Doctor Who was a Marvel comic released on October 17, 1979, which was then adapted into a TV show in 2005 which ran for 12 consecutive seasons, and starred David Tennant and Matt Smith.

That’s right, guys! We are fast approaching the 42nd birthday of Doctor Who, which 26 years after its debut as a Marvel comic finally made its way in 2005, featuring David Tennant and Matt Smith.

Now, some quick research reveals that no Doctor Who comics were released on October 17, 1979. But the first issue of Doctor Who Weekly, including its regular comic feature, was published on October 11th of that year, so maybe that’s what they were thinking of? Issue two came out on October 18th, which might have been October 17th somewhere in the world.

So I head into this quiz without a lot of confidence. Let’s see…

(I’m paraphrasing the questions here)…

Question 1 – Which actress played Amy Pond, described here as the fiery redhead?

That’s pretty easy, big Karen Gillan fan that I am.

Question 2 – Who played the first Doctor in modern Doctor Who?

Since it says “first Doctor” and not “First Doctor” we will presume the answer is Christopher Eccleston, and not William Hartnell or David Bradley. Yes, yes it is–but the answer they give is actually “Christopher Eccleston played the ninth Doctor, the first Doctor in the modern instalment of ‘Doctor Who’?” So they answer in the form of a question. I say the answer is again, yes.

Question 3 – Which Doctor was Rose Tyler’s first companion?

Yes, that’s how it’s written. Of course the answer is Eccleston again, but golly that’s a strange way to put that.

Question 4 – Who played the War Doctor?

Pretty straightforward one, with the answer being John Hurt (recent Big Finish recastings notwithstanding).

Ah, but looking at the answer it’s not as straightforward as I thought. It says “John Hurt played the 8th Doctor, also known as the War Doctor…” And it also says that he fought in the Time War in Gallifrey.

Wow, even when the answers are right, they are still kind of wrong.

Question 5 – Who was the 12th actor to play Doctor Who?

Presumably they are thinking of Peter Capaldi, but boy that question is nowhere near as straightforward as they think. If we want to get really snotty about it, we could count the likes of Peter Cushing, Trevor Martin, Adrian Gibbs, Richard Hurndall, David Banks, Rowan Atkinson, Hugh Grant, Richard E. Grant (twice!), James Broadbent, Joanna Lumley, and John Guilor as all showing up in the part before Peter Capaldi. And then if we only count the ones who were listed as “Doctor Who” a lot of people get cut out.

But the quiz mentions Capaldi and even references his prior appearance in The Fires of Pompeii

Question 6 – Which 10th Doctor companion was a talented medical student who also worked with Torchwood?

Of course that’s Martha Jones, as played by Freema Agyeman.

Question 7 – Who was voted the most popular companion by in 2020?

This is the first one that I’m not positive about, although it surprises me that there was only one vote about Doctor Who companions in 2020. If this quiz wasn’t only about the “modern” Doctor Who (it after all doesn’t acknowledge the show existed before 2005, except as a comic book), I’d maybe consider Sarah Jane Smith or the Brigadier. But as it is, I’m guessing it’s Rose Tyler, played by Billie Piper, who is only around or 8th or 9th on my list of modern companions, somewhere after Nardole and Handles.

Checking the answer…I was wrong! The correct answer was Donna Noble (Catherine Tate), followed closely by Sarah Jane Smith (who of course appeared in both the original and the classic series).

Both of them are higher than Rose Tyler on my personal list (although they are not at the top of it), so well done, users of

But I guess this means I’m not a true Whovian.

Question 8 – When does the Doctor first meet River Song?

Obviously, that’s in The Silence in the Library, during Series 4 of the modern show, with the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble.

The answer almost has this correct, as it lists the same adventure but calls it The Forest of the Dead (which is the story’s second part). It also claims that this took place in his tenth “reincarnation.”

Question 9 – Who is the Doctor married to?

Well, I assume they mean River Song (Alex Kingston) from The Wedding of River Song. But the Doctor also married Queen Elizabeth I in The Day of the Doctor, and possibly Marilyn Monroe in A Christmas Carol.

The answer is indeed River Song, which it then says took place in his 11th “reincarnation” over fifteen episodes!

A quick search tells me that River Song did indeed appear in fifteen regular episodes of the show, but in how many was she married? Near as I can tell, there are thirteen episodes in which either River, the Doctor or both are married to each other. So that’s nearly fifteen–all of them except Let’s Kill Hitler and Closing Time.

Question 10 – Who played the 11th Doctor?

Obviously that’s our boy Matt Smith. The answer accurately states that he played the part from 2010 until December 25 2013.

So, that’s 10 questions in on this 40+ question quiz. So far, I’m scoring a 90% which means, clearly, that I’m 90% true Whovian. Tomorrow we will continue and see if we can’t pull that average up a bit.

See you then!


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