Doctor Who & Godzilla–Non-Existent Crossovers (Ninth Doctor)

Doctor Who has been on (and off) the air since 1963, with a myriad of adventures showing the Doctor and his companions traveling to endless corners of the universe.

(Daily Doctor Who #301)

But do you know where they haven’t traveled? Into my other favorite science fiction media properties, that’s where!

But what if they had? What if somehow, this had been possible? What stories would it have been cool to see the Doctor interacting with?

In this series of posts, we’re going to make some suggestions. Thirteen suggestions, in fact…one for each Doctor. The idea is to find something for each that, even if there was no real way for to have happened, was at least remotely possible from a time-frame point of view. So, no meetings between the Third Doctor and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, for example.

We have covered the First Doctor, the Second, the Third , the Fourth, the Fifth, the Sixth, the Seventh, and the Eighth Doctor. So you know whose turn it is now, right? Christopher Eccleston and the Ninth Doctor!

So, this world of complete fantasy fan-fiction is proud to present…

Doctor Who



Godzilla, in is a Japanese Kaiju (giant monster, basically, although literally “strange beast”) character–the most popular and possibly the original, which has been featuring in movies and other media since 1954. Most of those productions have been Japanese, although there have been some American ones as well (and a couple of semi-popular ones in recent years from Legendary Pictures).

Godzilla himself, or Gojira (as the creature was originally known) is a dinosaur-like creature that is hundreds of feet tall, which is capable of firing atomic blasts from its mouth. Classically, Godzilla has been a bit of an allegory for nuclear devastation. He’s fought a variety of other popular monsters, both terrestrial, alien and mechanical, and and over the years he has been both the destruction and the salvation of mankind, depending on what else was going on in the story.

In 2004, Godzilla: Final Wars was released which became a sort of grand finale for the whole Godzilla franchise, which then paused for a few years before new films began to be released. Our story is going to have been released in 2005, during the only year of the Ninth Doctor era. We’re envisioning a three-part story (mainly because I struggle to write anything short), set just before The Empty Child, so that the Ninth Doctor and companion Rose Tyler will be as close as they can be without bringing Captain Jack Harkness into the picture.

Fade up!

The TARDIS brings the Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) and Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) to Japan in 1954. The Doctor is confused–the TARDIS is detecting a huge amount of energy outside. He looks at things on the scanner and cant see beyond a massive energy output.  He turns to the door and attempts to open it, but before he can do so, the TARDIS suddenly shudders and dematerializes again, shooting them forward by 100 years.

Cautiously, the Doctor and Rose emerge and find themselves on the Destiny, a Valiant-style airship, being run by an international military and science team, off the coasts of Japan. The Doctor and Rose discover that the crew is on a mission to track the movements of a large creature in the ocean. Suddenly, someone shouts out that they have a visual connection. Looking out the window, the time travelers are astonished to see…Godzilla!

Opening Titles!

“Rage of the Titan

Using concentrated energy bursts, the Destiny intentionally guides Godzilla’s movements. In the midst of everything, the Doctor tries to figure out what is going on. Godzilla, they learn, was first sighted almost 100 years ago exactly, where the creature devastated Tokyo and numerous other major cities, changing the course of human history forever. Since then, humanity has struggled to now how to respond, but after a century of struggle, the different facets of human civilization–government, businessman, religion–have finally all come together and developed a unified plan to end the threat forever.  Spearheading this cooperation is scientific and engineering genius Gideon Fleck, who in his 80’s is one of the oldest people alive in this seriously depopulate earth.

Rose is astonished to learn that the year is 2054, and that Godzilla has been ravaging the earth since 1954, when it emerged from the ground after a nuclear test. This doesn’t make any sense–there was no giant monster ravaging the world that she grew up in. The Doctor comments that humans do have an amazing capacity for self-deception, but even so this stretches credulity.

The Destiny deploys several automated ships which are designed to function as decoys for Godzilla, luring him along the path that the crew wants to take him. This works or a moment but then Godzilla’s atomic breath causes interference with the drone-ship controls, scrambling their navigation. As a result Godzilla attacks the Destiny itself, threatening everybody and the whole plan. The Doctor realizes that he has to get to the drone ships in order to salvage the plan. A young officer, Lt. Aiko Takamara, helps him to access an escape pod. The Doctor tells Rose to stay safe and to keep an eye on the TARDIS, and he and Takamara use the pod to get to the drone ship.

On the drone ship, the Doctor is able to reactivate the systems, with Takamara’s help. He modifies the systems to deliver some sonic pulses which distract Godzilla from destroying the Destiny. However, the drone ship is nearly destroyed. The Doctor is able to keep himself and Takamara alive long enough to reach the Japanese shore.

Meanwhile, against Rose’s protests the Destiny also returns to shore, to an oversized bunker–a combination military and scientific facility and survival bunker large enough for hundreds of people. There, Gideon Fleck helps to oversee what may be humanity’s final plan for victory over Godzilla. For reasons unbeknownst to her, Rose is given a lot of leeway from Fleck, and taken by him to see his ultimate creation: giant mechanical version of Godzilla called Mechagodzilla.

Technically, Rose discovers, this is Megagodzilla II, the first one having been created fifty years ago by a rich businessman in an attempt to stop Godzilla, but that originally robotic weapon failed. This new Mechagodzilla is more advanced, especially in that it is powered by the Gestalt–a new technology that Fleck’s team has developed which allows human beings all over the earth to connect in and use their mental energy to strengthen and direct the machine.  Fleck also shows Rose the keys to the bunker’s special shielding to protect it in case Godzilla attacks it, revealing to her a few key pertinent details as to how it works. 

Meanwhile, the Doctor and Takamara make their way across Japan in an effort to reach the bunker.  In the process they become aware of a plot by a group of religious zealot dissidents who worship Godzilla and believe is the rightful king of the earth, led by a European man named Anton Kane.  Kane believes that contrary to popular view, Godzilla is not destructive except incidentally—that he is at heart a “good god”  who is the salvation of humanity, or at least, of the worthy amongst humanity. 

Talking to Aiko privately, the Doctor learns that at times people have seen Godzilla as a blessing, as there have been other terrible threats that the creature has seemed to help humanity with.  But thanks to the efforts of Gideon Fleck and others, humanity is finally seeing hope that they can be free of the threat that Godzilla represents.

Anton Kane’s group is planning a military attack on the Bunker in order to sabotage its efforts to stop Godzilla. The Doctor and Takamara are forced to pretend to be sympathetic to their cause in order to both stop their plan and to gain access to the bunker themselves.

The Gestalt is activated and Mechagodzilla roars to life.

It is monitored from the bunker using sophisticated tracking technology, which is also part of Fleck’s work.  Mechagodzilla confronts Godzilla just as the creature is coming to land. The battle is huge and fierce and many of buildings are destroyed.

The dissident group make their move, and the Doctor and Aiko are unable to prevent them from doing damage to the Gestalt control mechanisms.  As a result, the system begins to act strangely.  Fleck and his people work frantically to restore it as the battle is still ongoing.  

In the bunker, the Gestalt control mechanisms begin to act strangely, and Mechagodzilla begins to falter.  Suddenly, the Gestalt energy controlling Mechagodzilla seems to draw out of the machine, coalescing into a giant snake-like creature inside the bunker, which declares itself to be Ouroboros, a nightmare creature of endless fear. 

Musical sting and end credits!

Everyone in the bunker is shocked at the sight of the creature, pausing the battle between the Godzilla-worshippers and the bunker staff.  Outside in the battle, Mechagodzilla is suddenly weakened by this loss of energy—around the world people’s hopes turn to fear, which only make the Ouroboros stronger.  Anton Kane, in his panic, fires a gun at the creature, but it simply reaches out to him and kills him.  Ouroboros announces the end of all life as it determines to create itself.

“Circle of Fear”

The Doctor realizes that this Ouroboros is somehow opening up a fissure in reality in order to travel away from the present, but in doing so it threatens the rest of the planet with destruction in the form of a gigantic storm–so powerful it dazes Godzilla himself.  The Doctor frantically attempts to modify the gestalt equipment to allow him to close the rift. Just as he is about to succeed, energy feedback rips through the equipment and throws him against the back wall, dazing him. Realizing what he was doing, Rose runs forward and throws the last switch. The fissure begins to close, although the Ouroboros has already departed.

The Doctor recovers and sees what Rose has done–she smiles at him. The Doctor shouts out a warning but it is too late–another burst of energy has poured forth from the equipment just as the fissure was fully closing. It envelops Rose, and to his horrified eyes, she vanishes.

Outside, Godzilla recovers from the storm, and begins to roar ferociously.  Rose is gone, but the Doctor has no time to deal with that immediately in the face of the renewed threat from Godzilla. He is able to find a way to gain access to Mechagodzilla’s systems, and use it to to lead Godzilla back into the ocean. The Doctor turns his attention to Rose–she’s not necessarily dead, he realizes. Rather, she’s been displaced in time.

Around the world, everyone who was tied into the gestalt are suffering from emotional collapse, unable to act after their victory has turned to defeat. The Doctor, meanwhile, figures out how he can trace Rose. Something more is going on than just an attack by a giant amphibious monster, he knows. He can’t detect where Rose has gone, but figures he can follow her in the TARDIS. Saying he could use help, Aiko agrees to go with him.

Rose, meanwhile, finds she has been displaced to 25 years earlier in 2029, but still in the bunker.  The global monitoring systems have just been established, which someone quips is a sign of new international cooperation thanks to Gideon Fleck, at this time present in his 50’s.  Everyone is monitoring a battle between Godzilla and another giant monster—a three-headed dragon called Ghidorah.  The bunker staff are helping to coordinate military efforts to help Godzilla, as Ghidorah (who has come and gone over the last 100 years) is seen to be the greater threat.

The bunker’s special shielding suddenly starts to fail, threatening everything.  Rose doesn’t have technical knowledge to help of course but is able to find the woman in charge–an engineer named Kyoko, who is overwhelmed at what is happening.  Rose protects her from injury and tells her what she knows about how the shields work in the future—this helps Kyoko persevere until the job is done. Rose learns that this woman’s family (her parents and her husband) were all killed in a monster attack several years earlier, with only her young  daughter (living in the bunker) surviving with her.  Only then does Rose realize that this is Aiko’s mother.

Outside, a large international army is doing what it can to assist Godzilla, but Ghidorah turns on them and starts to wipe them all out.  A young private is the lone survivor of his squad–he is about to die when Godzilla retaliates against Ghidorah, destroying him in an epic battle.  By a miracle the private survives—it is a young Anton Kane, who in his moment of desperation comes to see Godzilla as his savior. 

Ouroboros suddenly manifests inside the bunker near Rose, and she vanishes, once again displaced in time. 

Back in 2054, the Doctor takes Aiko into the TARDIS.  He tries to take the ship on a journey to follow Rose, but finds that something is blocking the journey.  The TARDIS is thrown around by turbulence.   

Rose, meanwhile, arrives in 2004, to find that the bunker has recently been completed, and is being stocked with supplies to serve as a long-term home for people in Godzilla cannot be defeated.  The whole thing is the brain-child of rich industrialist Sebastian Gould, who is determined to make sure the “best of humanity” survive in the case their “final solution” for Godzilla should fail.  Amongst the bunker residents are Gould’s wife, a Japanese woman named Haruko, his grown step-son Tadashi and Tadashi’s young children.

The “final solution” turns out to be Mechagodzilla (version 1) that Gould’s company has created.  This version is remote controlled from the bunker, by a team led by a young Gideon Fleck. 

However, Mechagodzilla fails, and Godzilla is free to continue a rampage that it is inflicting across the Japan.

In the face of this failure, Sebastian Gould initiates the “lockdown protocol”, which will shut off the bunker from the rest of the world and activate a special explosive which kill everyone for miles outside and bury the bunker for decade.  The idea is that the best of humanity will survive while everyone else is shut out, allowing nature (as represented by Godzilla) to run its course. 

Rose is shocked to realize this, and along with Tadashi attempts to stop him.  Gould is desperate, and brandishes a gun at his opponents he activates the protocol.  The doors of the bunker begin to descend as Rose runs at Gould, and Gould fires his gun…

Musical sting and end credits!

Rose is saved from being shot by Tadashi, who is hit instead.  Gould is shocked, and Haruko horrified as Tadashi dies.  However, the survival protocol has been activated and the bunker is being shut off.  The sterilization bomb is set to go off in sixty seconds.

“The End and the Beginning”

Rose pleads with Gould to stop it, but he is too overwhelmed by Tadashi’s death to do anything.  She turns to Fleck, who up until this point has been obediently following Gould’s orders, but is now full of doubt.  Rose argues fiercely to keep fighting and not give up.  Fleck is persuaded and counteracts Gould’s plan. 

Tadashi’s family arrive, horrified at his death.  Rose realizes that the daughter is Kyoko—Aiko’s mother. Just as she is taking this in, Ouroboros appears again and once again Rose is whisked away in time.

In the TARDIS, the Doctor has regained control. He explains to Aiko that the force that pushed the TARDIS from 1954 to 2054 is now preventing them from landing anywhere in between.  The TARDIS sensors can detect Rose that seems to be bouncing through the time stream in that range.

Rose arrives in 1979, at a time when the future bunker-site is a control station for  the launch of nuclear missiles.  The military is on the verge of launching a massive strike to rid the world of Godzilla once and for all.  Rose finds herself in the midst of a group of radical environmentalists, who believe that that Godzilla’s actions on earth are natural, and that a nuclear missile strike will be far more destructive. 

She is surprised when she sees one of the environmentalists is a young Sebastian Gould.  Rose tells him that she agrees– nuclear missiles are not the answer.  She inspires him to put his energies toward other pursuits that may defeat Godzilla.

This group are given access to the bunker by the wife of one of the military officers, a Captain Koizumi.  Rose is confused by all the coincidences she is experiencing when she sees that the wife is none other than Haruko, who will be Gould’s wife in the future.  The divide between Koizumi and Haruko is deep—Koizumi is passionately committed to launching the missiles.  The environmentalists are just as committed to stopping it.

However, the group fails and the missiles are launched.  They hit their target, but prove to be useless against Godzilla, who absorbs the radiation.  They also create a fissure in the earth from which another creature ascends—the three-headed dragon that comes to be known as Ghidorah.  Everyone is terrified by this.

Ouroboros appears again and draws Rose away once more.

Back in the TARDIS, the Doctor tells Aiko to hold on and then pours extra power into the TARDIS engines to break through the resistance they are facing.  He succeeds, and they land in 1954. 

The Doctor and Aiko have landed back at the location of the bunker, before it was built, when the area is just a small village. It’s also where Godzilla makes his first landfall, after having been awoken by a nuclear test, sending the villagers fleeing in terror.  The destruction is terrible, but limited because the population is small. 

Ouroboros brings Rose to the same site, and Rose and the Doctor are reunited.  

In the in chaos, the Doctor, Rose, and Aiko see a woman trampled to death as the villagers panic.  Her young son survives, and Aiko realizes that these are her ancestors, and that the boy is her great-grandfather, Takeo Koizumi.  Rose sees that this is the same person that she saw in 1979, who zealously supported the nuclear strike. 

The Doctor realizes that the Ouroboros has been drawn to this moment—when this child lost his mother during a terrible cataclysm, a moment that will shape the future for the next 100 years.  In some way, this child represents the whole world, edging into an abyss of fear and hopelessness. 

Ouroboros–a gestalt entity made up of the fear of the whole human race–was born in the future but has used its great power to travel in time (taking Rose with it) to plant the seeds for its own existence in the past.  In essence, it has manipulated time in order to create itself. 

Godzilla is still nearby, a terrible threat to everyone, but visibly slowing down.  It lacks energy, and is on the verge of turning back to the sea, to return to sleep. Ouroboros, however, attempts to galvanize him by drawing from fear of the world as represented by young Koizumi, in order to ensure its own existence.  Energy crackles around the group as this is happening. 

Seeing what is at stake, Aiko holds her ancestor tightly in an attempt to give him a glimpse of hope and comfort.  The child responds, and this is enough for Ouroboros to be weakened slightly.  The Doctor takes advantage of this when the sound of the TARDIS is heard a moment later.  It’s the Doctor and Rose from earlier in their timeline (at the start of the story).  Ouroboros attempts to send them away again, but as it’s weakened, the Doctor is able to help form a bridge that allows the TARDIS to land safely. 

The earlier Doctor and Rose emerge, shocked to see alternate versions of themselves. 

The two Doctors make mental contact and use the temporal energy related to their own version of “ouroboros” to defeat the gestalt creature, undoing it before it can establish itself. Without its energy feeding it, Godzilla loses energy, and wanders back out to sea, and to sleep.  Since Godzilla’s actual impact on the earth is limited to a relatively minor attack, the world at large never hears of it.

The two Doctors and two Roses merge into one as their timelines collapse together.  The future that Aiko is from never comes to pass, but the Doctor and Rose return her to 2054 where her alternate-self exists, living happily–the two Aiko’s also merge.

Rose and the Doctor leave, reflecting upon the situation as they do—Godzilla wasn’t created by the Ouroboros and the fears of the world, it was just “awakened” by it.  Godzilla still exists, sleeping, and could in theory be awakened again.

Musical sting and end credits!

7 thoughts on “Doctor Who & Godzilla–Non-Existent Crossovers (Ninth Doctor)

  1. Doctor Who Meets Godzilla is a brilliant idea for a crossover. I’m mostly speaking from my fandom of Doctor Who classics (particular for Tom Baker’s era) with giant creatures. Thank you for this most imaginative homage to those great Doctor Who days.

  2. The mashups planned for the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th Doctors may be even more surprising for the other sci-fi universes that they will crossover into. The previous mashup between the 8th Doctor and Quantum Leap convinced me how surprisingly extensive they may be.

  3. Thanks guys, I’m glad you enjoyed this and possibly some of the other ones. I have ideas for the other four main Doctors, but they take me forever to write. And I think the Quantum Leap one is the one I’d most like to have actually seen.

  4. Not at this point. I’m just sticking with the “main 13″…partially because the idea is to imagine ways that these could have taken place during the various “original eras” of each Doctor.

  5. I can understand that. The War Doctor and The Ruth Doctor, for their prequel era avenues, might be all the more challenging for crossovers. But I can imagine the War Doctor mixing with characters from Rogue One or Axanar in that sense. Whatever you select, please keep your good ideas coming and thanks again.

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