Doctor Who A to Z: P is for Peter

Inspired by a series of Facebook posts that I saw, we are going to run through an alphabetical series of Doctor Who-related themes. Today we continue this with the letter P…

(Daily Doctor Who #297)


There are lots of Peters in the world of Doctor Who, but which is my favorite?

This is a tough call, of course. Because there are two really obvious ones, and it’s tough to choose between them…

Peter Davison

The Fifth Doctor, and for a long time one of my favorites. He’s also an actor I’ve enjoyed in other things, like All Creatures Great and Small. And he’s continued to impress as the Doctor in Big Finish audio stories

But before I get two excited, there is the other obvious choice…

Peter Capaldi

The Twelfth Doctor! He took a little bit for me to get used to (even though I loved his “attack eyebrows” scene from his first story) but he quickly became a favorite of mine, even threatening to eclipse Matt Smith. His relationship with Clara is one of my favorite Doctor – Companion pairings ever, and in just one story he managed to have deeper chemistry with River Song then either of his predecessors. I think he’s possibly the Doctor who I have seen give the strongest performance in the role, in my favorite episode, Heaven Sent.

If I was forced to choose, I guess I’d give it to Capaldi, but nobody’s got a gun to my head so I’m going to just pick both.

But let’s not forget all the other worthy Peter’s that the franchise has given us.

Peter Cushing

The forgotten Doctor from the two Dalek movies of the 1960’s!

Peter Purves

Often one of the more forgotten companions, Steven Taylor, who adventured with the First Doctor for ten serials.

Peter Fraser

The actor who played David Campbell in The Dalek Invasion of the Earth–first guy that a companion left the show to get married to

Peter Butterworth

The Meddling Monk–the first Time Lord that we met other than the Doctor (and Susan, presumably), and the first villain to appear in the show more than once.

Peter Pratt

The first “replacement” Master from The Deadly Assassin

Peter Hawkins

One of the original Dalek voices, who went on to screech out their lines in all of the appearances during the eras of the first two Doctors, as well as voicing Cybermen in their first four serials.

Peter Bryant

An associate producer, producer and script editor of Doctor Who during the second Doctor’s era.

Peter Grimwade

A writer and director for Doctor Who in the 1980’s.

Peter Moffatt

A Doctor Who director in the 1980’s, including for the multi-Doctor stories The Five Doctors and The Two Doctors. Not to be conused with Peter Moffett, which is Peter Davison’s birth-name.

Peter Howell

A composer and sound engineer for Doctor Who, who amongst other things did the arrangements of the opening theme heard from Seasons 18 – 22 of the classic show.


Peter Harting

The German voice dubber for Bernard Cribbins (Wilfrid Mott) for one episode in 2007–presumably Voyage of the Damned.

That’s a lot of Peter’s! Thirteen to be precises…a baker’s dozen!

Maybe…a Tom Baker’s Dozen!

Hmm…how many Baker’s have been in Doctor Who? Tom, Colin, Bob, Pip, Jane…

See you next time!

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