Doctor Who A to Z: O is for Old

Inspired by a series of Facebook posts that I saw, we are going to run through an alphabetical series of Doctor Who-related themes. Today we continue this with the letter O…

(Daily Doctor Who #293)


The question is which old monster or villain or hero or random character do I want to see return to the show?

There are, of course, lots of choose from.

There are three in particular that come to mind…

The Meddling Monk

Originally from The Time Meddler, the Monk was the first Time Lord (not named at that point) to appear on the show, aside from the Doctor or (I suppose) Susan. Played by Peter Butterworth, he had a much more freewheeling attitude toward history than the Doctor did, and only made one brief reappearance just a little bit later with the First Doctor. He has shown up in other media, but would be perfect for a return in the modern day (especially with the convenient ability to use “regeneration” as an excuse for updating the casting).


A Time Lord legend and hero who debuted in The Three Doctors in 1973 played by Stephen Thorne, and reappeared in Arc of Infinity in 1983 played by Ian Collier. Omega is the person who basically made it possible for the Time Lords to travel in time. He was thought dead but in reality trapped in a world of anti-matter, where he went insane but also became massively powerful. Big Finish has definitely proved there is more that could be done with the character.


My top pick is the villain from one of classic Doctor Who‘s best stories, The Pyramids of Mars. Sutkeh, played by Gabriel Woolf, was a member of an ancient race (who inspired the myths of Egyptian deities) who was known as the Destroyer, and was interested in only that. One of the most powerful and dangerous enemies the Doctor ever faced, his one appearance is near-perfect. Even so, I would be totally down for a return appearance by Sutekh–back in The Rings of Akhaten, that’s what I thought we were getting, but alas it wasn’t to be.

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