Doctor Who A to Z: M is for Monsters

Inspired by a series of Facebook posts that I saw, we are going to run through an alphabetical series of Doctor Who-related themes. Today we continue this with the letter M…

(Daily Doctor Who #285)


Such a big part of Doctor Who…monsters and meanies who threaten the innocent, often with nothing standing against them but the Doctor and his allies.

There have been many fascinating different variations of monster that the show has introduced over the years, like xenophobic Nazi-analogs…

Cybernetic scavengers, desperate to survive…

Cloned soldiers devoted to the art of war…

A fear-based entity from the world of dreams seeking physical existence…

But as many good monsters that were introduced in the classic series, I think for this one I’m going to pick one of the best from the revived show:

The Foretold, Mummy on the Orient Express

Some of the best Doctor Who monsters are more innocent than they seem, but still no less dangerous. The Foretold is an example of this–apparently a Mummy that can only be seen by the monster’s next victim, but is in reality a time-lost soldier seeking a pre-programmed victory. But still, it was the most visually terrifying things that the show has ever shown us.

Mummy on the Orient Express was written by Jamie Mathieson and is played by Jamie Hill.

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