Doctor Who A to Z: F is for Fashion

Inspired by a series of Facebook posts that I saw, we are going to run through an alphabetical series of Doctor Who-related themes. Today we continue this with the letter F…

(Daily Doctor Who #276)


Doctor Who is full of people who have an interesting dress sense. The question is which is my favorite?

This is a question I feel particularly ill-equipped to answer, however, as fashion certainly is not my thing. Anyone who knows me will pick this up pretty quickly.

Nonetheless, it’s obvious that pretty much everyone in revived Doctor Who knows how to dress themselves to their advantage.

And I was always a bit partial to Tegan Jovanka’s outfits, once she left behind her air hostess outfit.

And certainly there are some characters whose fashion sense was questionable at best.

But, if I really think about it, there are two characters (or more accurately, two iterations of the same character) whose costuming I most appreciate. Not because of the fashion of it, but because of the way it suited the two respective Doctors I have chosen.

These are the only two versions of the Doctor where the clothing doesn’t feel like an affectation, or a costume that the actor has been dressed up in.

The Ninth Doctor

Or maybe we could say, the minimalist Doctor, with Christopher Eccleston and his t-shirt and jacket. This guy doesn’t look at all like we usually think of a “Doctor” looking. Rather he just looks like a guy, walking around and doing things. Which, when you think about it, makes a lot of sense for the character.

The First Doctor

William Hartnell’s original Doctor doesn’t look like an ordinary guy, like the Ninth does, with checked pants and eccentric waistcoat and tie. But he does look more like a “man out of time” than any of his successors (who tended to lean more into “people dressing up funny,”) which makes him the version of the Doctor most imitated but never equaled.

Maybe it’s not a coincidence that my two choices are both the only Doctors that we never say workshopping their style in any way, but who just arrived fully formed and fully dressed.

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