Doctor Who A to Z: C is for Companions

Inspired by a series of Facebook posts that I saw, we are going to run through an alphabetical series of Doctor Who-related themes. Today we continue this with the letter C…

(Daily Doctor Who #273)


The idea, like usual, is to pick a favorite. (And then ideally to describe them with as many “C” words as possible, but we’ll see how that goes.)

Companions are an intrinsic part of Doctor Who, nearly as much a part of the show as the Doctor or the TARDIS. They have played many roles over the show’s history–someone to provide a point of view for the audience, someone to ask the Doctor questions, someone to get in trouble, someone to help the Doctor out of scrapes, someone to remind the Doctor that it’s important not to get too detatched and arrogant.

There have been dozens of characters who have fulfilled this role, and even more if you look beyond the television series. I don’t really have a single favorite, but there are a few that I consider to be top-tier.

Ian Chesterton

(William Russell)

Courageous science teacher who kicked an astounding amount of butt as he championed his colleagues in time and space.

Barbara Wright

(Jacqueline Hill)

Clear-thinking history teacher who cared deeply both for her friends and the people that she would meet on her travels.


(Louise Jameson)

Cunning warrior who didn’t mince words when the Doctor was threatened.

Amy Pond

(Karen GIllan)

Confused child turned passionate adult whose life was turned upside down by both the Doctor and by his enemies, becoming eventually one of the Doctor’s closest friends.

Clara Oswald

(Jenna Coleman)

Clever and curious school teacher who became more like the Doctor than almost any other companion, but whose over-confidence was her undoing.

Well, I got it down to five. Runner-ups include Jamie, Jo, Donna, Rory and Nardole. And Victoria. And probably Nyssa as well. And Ace. And Romana I. And Sarah Jane. And…and…

Well, you get the idea.

2 thoughts on “Doctor Who A to Z: C is for Companions

  1. Leela and Sarah Jane were the first two companions I became familiar with in Doctor Who. They gave me the best appreciation when I was a kid for good female role models, alongside Princess Leia.

  2. That’s an interesting reflection, as are as female role models are concerned. I don’t know who I’d list in that way, to be honest.

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