Time to Vote! Doctor Who Creators Hall of Fame

So a little while ago I sought nominations for a Doctor Who Creator Hall of Fame, to recognize and honor the people have helped to shape my favorite television series.

(Daily Doctor Who #252)

We got something like 80 people mentioned, but I’ve decided to require at least two nominations to get someone on this ballot, and that resulted in 39 names put forward. Looking over the list, some of the names included and excluded may feel a little surprising, but that’s just how the nominations played out. Numerous potential nominees did not receive the necessary two votes.

The nominees includes actors, writers, producers, directors, designers, musicians and television executives.

Now is your chance to vote! The poll is embedded below. You are allowed to vote for seven options, and in the end, the Top 7 vote-getters will be inducted into the Doctor Who Creator Hall of Fame for 2021.

If you want to know more about a particular person’s contribution to Doctor Who, you can look at this post here.


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