Doctor Who–Early Births & Deaths – Part 2

From time to time I’ve been writing up posts covering the activity of Doctor Who during particular calendar years. So far there are posts up for every year from 1963 to 1978.

Only in the last couple of these–1977 & 1978–have I started including notes about significant births and deaths of real-life people related to the series. That means there are fourteen years which I have covered in general, but not in this area.

(Daily Doctor Who #244)

So over a couple of posts we’re going to supplement those posts with information here: significant births and deaths from the early years of Doctor Who. The post covering the first seven years is here; this post is for the second seven years.


Robert Shearman

The writer of Dalek and other Doctor Who stories, including many for Big Finish, was born on February 10.

Chris Chibnall

A writer for modern Doctor Who and Torchwood, and the show’s third (and current) showrunner, Chris Chibnall was born on March 21.

Toby Whithouse

Another writer for Doctor Who, who penned stories for the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor (as well as acting in a small role in the Twelfth’s Doctor’s last story, Twice Upon a Time), Toby Whithouse was born on July 5th.

John Simm

The Master over seven episodes of the revived series was born on July 10th.


David Tennant

The Tenth Doctor himself was born on April 18th.

Lance Parkin

A prolific writer for Doctor Who novels, comics, audios and short stories, was born on September 3.


Neve McIntosh

The actress who played Madame Vastra recurringly with the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors was born on April 9th.

Jessica Hynes

The actress who played Joan Redfern in Human Nature, as well as her descendant later on, was born on October 30th.


Roger Delgado

The first actor to play the Master died in a car accident on June 18th.


Matt Lucas

The actor who featured as Nardole–a companion of the Twelfth Doctor–was born on March 5.


William Hartnell

The original star of Doctor Who passed away on April 23rd.

Noel Clarke

The actor who played Mickey Smith on and off for the first four seasons of the revived Doctor Who was born on December 6th.


Guy Adams

A prolific writer of Doctor Who audios and novels was born on January 6th.

Frank Bellamy

The Radio Times artist who did a lot of Doctor Who work, died on July 5th.

Simon Guerrier

Another prolific writer of Doctor Who audios and stories was born on June 24th.

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