Doctor Who–Early Births & Deaths – Part 1

From time to time I’ve been writing up posts covering the activity of Doctor Who during particular calendar years. So far there are posts up for every year from 1963 to 1978.

Only in the last couple of these–1977 & 1978–have I started including notes about significant births and deaths of real-life people related to the series. That means there are fourteen years which I have covered in general, but not in this area.

(Daily Doctor Who #243)

So over a couple of posts we’re going to supplement those posts with information here: significant births and deaths from the early years of Doctor Who. This post is for the first seven years.


Daphne Ashbrook

The actress who played Dr. Grace Holloway in the 1996 TV movie was born on January 29th.

Alex Kingston

River Song herself was born on March 11, 1963.

Russell T. Davies

The producer who brought Doctor Who back to TV in 2005 was born only a few months before the show itself on April 27th.

Gary Russell

A man of many talents, amongst which was editing Doctor Who Magazine, being the Executive Producer for Big Finish Productions, and being a script editor for The Sarah Jane Adventures, Torchwood and Doctor Who itself, Gary Russell was born on September 18th.

Julian Bleach

The modern-day Davros was born on December 29th.


Christopher Eccleston

The original star of revived Doctor Whoe was born on February 16th.

Bonnie Langford

The actress who played the Sixth and Seventh Doctor’s companion was born on July 22nd.


Camille Coduri

The actress who played Rose’s mother Jackie Tyler was born on April 18th.


Mervyn Pinfield

The original associate producer of the series died on May 20th, a bit more than a year after he had finished work on the series.

Mark Gatiss

The writer of eight episodes of Dotor Who, as well as an actor for the show, was born on October 17th.


John Barrowman

The actor who has played Captain Jack Harkness alongside three different Doctors was born on March 11.

Paul Cornell

The writer of Human Nature and other Doctor Who stories on TV and other media was born on July 18th.


Gareth Roberts

The writer of numerous Doctor Who stories in a variety of media, including on television, was born on June 5th.


Murray Gold

The composer for televised Doctor Who for the first ten seasons of the show was born on February 28th.

Julie Gardner

The executive producer of Doctor Who for pretty much the entire Russell T. Davies era of the show, including some of Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures, was born on June 4th.

And we will leave 1970 – 1976 for tomorrow!

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