Doctor Who – How many McClure’s?

Yesterday I had a look at how many characters over the course of televised Doctor Who were named “Ben” (my first name). At the end of the post, I pondered whether there were any McClure’s (my last name) in the world of Doctor Who. Today I’ve decided to find out.

(Daily Doctor Who #241)

Not surprisingly, there are less McClure’s then there were Ben’s–though considering there were only seven people that I found called Ben that were characters in the series, it’s not that many less. Only seven less, to be precise.

Basically there are zero characters called McClure that I could find in Doctor Who, either on television, or in other media (at least, that are coming up when I search “McClure” on the Doctor Who wiki. But there are a few real-life people called McClure who were involved. (There are lots of real-life Ben’s as well, but we’re not going to dig into all that).

James McClure

James McClure was an actor who played the First Officer of the Shadow in the Fifth Doctor story Enlightenment. By coincidence, James McClure is also the name of a nephew of mine. I’m fairly certain it’s not the same person.

Stephen McClure

Stephen McClure was an uncredited alien sculptor who apparently worked on the Eleventh Doctor story Cold War. I don’t know anything else about him.

Vicky McClure

Vicky McClure is an actress who appeared in Broadchurch, written by Chris Chibnall and starring all sorts of Doctor Who people. She’s never been in Doctor Who but when I searched this up an article from May 2021 popped up suggesting she might be a replacement for Jodie Whittaker when she stops playing the Doctor. No idea if that’s true or not, but it’d be funny to have someone in the role with my last name!

And that’s it for McClure’s that I can find. It’s a little disappointing to find there are no characters called “McClure”, but not surprising. My daughter says to me that all I have to do is become a historically important person and then maybe someday I’ll be a character on the show.

Looks just like me!

That’d be something!

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