Daily Doctor Who & Daily Spoon

I’ve covered lots of different topics over the years–Star Trek, the Legion of Super-Heroes, movies. And lately, I’ve been writing a lot about Doctor Who.

(Daily Doctor Who #226)

But there are only two topics that I’ve ever written about on a deliberately daily schedule. One is Doctor Who, and the other is…Spoons!

I’m currently writing about Doctor Who in a series called Daily Doctor Who (which you are reading at this very instant). With spoons, it was on a bit of the lark that embarked on The Daily Spoon, writing about a different spoon each day of September 2019. It was a lot of fun, even if the hashtag #monthofthespoon didn’t take off.

It turns out that Spoons and Doctor Who have a connection, one which circles primarily around the Seventh Doctor, as played by Sylvester McCoy.

Sylvester McCoy apparently played the spoons as an instrument in real life, and this found its way into his television persona as the Doctor, specifically in his debut story, Time and the Ran, and in The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.

He recently played the spoons again in the special trailer for the Season 24 Collection announcement trailer, in a specially filmed scene featuring Bonnie Langford with Sylvester McCoy.

And I also just recently listened to a Big Finish Audio called Bang-Bang-a-Boom! starring McCoy and Langford, which centered around a murder mystery set at the site of the Intergalactic Song Contest…a competition the Doctor goes on to win thanks to a stirring musical performance…on the spoons!

Since both Doctor Who and spoons have featured so prominently on this blog, I thought I should at least have one post which featured both.

To conclude let us not forget one of the show’s most prominent uses of a spoon, this time in the modern era and in a non-musical capacity: the Twelfth Doctor facing down Robin Hood armed with nothing but a spoon!

There you go! Spoons–comedy gold since 1987.


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