Say Something Nice – Doctor Who: The War Machines

In an effort to find something quick that can be written as part of Daily Doctor Who, we are continuing with Say Something Nice, where I look back at each of the Doctor Who stories and pull out one or two cool things about it.

(Daily Doctor Who #211)

Read the previous entry here. Today, we continue with the last story of the show’s third season…

The War Machines

The regular cast starts off as William Hartnell as the Doctor and Jackie Lane as Dodo Chaplet, and introduces new cast members Anneke Wills as Polly and Michael Craze as Ben Jackson.

The serial is written by Ian Stuart Black (who also wrote the last story), and directed by Michael Ferguson.

Say Something Nice…

(Named for Missy–aka the Master–and her catchphrase from her first full appearance in Dark Water).

Doctor Who comes to the modern day! Not quite for the first time, but it is the first full adventure that takes place in the modern day, with the Doctor and companions interacting with society as a whole, and not shrunk down to the size of bugs. Ben and Polly work particularly well as new companions who are intrinsically tied to the modern day.

But because we’re equal-opportunity fans here, we’re not going to only be sycophantically complimentary.

You craven-hearted spineless poltroon!

(Another cry from the Master, but not exactly a catch-phrase, this time from The Deadly Assassin)

Dodo’s departure from the show–completely off-screen (and indeed, without her even appearing in the episode or the entire second half of the story) is the worst of the any from the classic era. Though the War Machines look good, they move quite awkwardly.

Catch you next time!

2 thoughts on “Say Something Nice – Doctor Who: The War Machines

  1. I loved this as a kid. Tying it into the Post Office Tower, which had just been completed, just grounded it in reality. It’s pretty good to rewatch too. But yes, Dodo deserved better.

  2. I didn’t know about the Post Office Tower, so that’s an interesting insight for me. I’ll be interested to watch this again someday, though there are many ahead of it on my “wish-list”

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