Modern Doctor Who: The Timey-Wimiest Episodes that Steven Moffat did not Write

“Timey-Wimey” is a phrase that Steven Moffat made up in the Doctor Who episode Blink, to describe the sort of playful time travel mechanics that he particularly loved to fill his scripts with. You know the sort of thing…stable time loops, temporal paradoxes, non-linear storytelling, and the like.

(Daily Doctor Who #188)

But Steven Moffat didn’t introduce these ideas into Doctor Who, he is just the one who ran with them the most. There are plenty of stories in the revived series that he didn’t write which got just as crazy…or nearly so.

I made a countdown on that went through this, which you can check out here!

On this countdown, you’ll find the works of the likes of Toby Whithouse, Richard Curtis, Chris Chibnall, and of course, Russell T. Davies.

This followed on another countdown I did which went through the timey-wimiest stories from the classic series, which can be seen here.

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