Marvellous Mary [Friday Fictioneers by Johanna McClure]

Once again, it’s time for Friday Fictioneers, which provides a weekly photograph to serve as a writing prompt to create a 100 word flash fiction story. Once again, my daughter (Johanna, 16 years old) has crafted a story.


Marvellous Mary

by Johanna McClure

“Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the Marvellous Mary, on her genuine spider-silk tightrope! Without a net!”

The ringleader dragged out every word, and the audience cheered and the lights shone, the same way they had on my first day. The way still I love.

I’m more confident up here than on the ground. I always throw in a wobble, like I’m about to fall, just to give the audience a thrill. The thrill that the tightrope gives me.

“Whoa! I really thought she was a goner folks, but she’s done it again! Give a Mary a hand!”

13 thoughts on “Marvellous Mary [Friday Fictioneers by Johanna McClure]

  1. Michael1148humpris, that’s cool, It’s interesting how different people see things in different ways. -Johanna

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